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New Generation Genetics April 2014 Proof Results

Another successful round of proofs was had by the bulls at New Generation Genetics!

54BS374 VIGOR has now over 12,500 daughters in over 5500 herds world-wide!  Without exception, he is working everywhere.  We are happy to report that at 13 years, is as healthy as ever and still producing high quality semen.

54BS438 BROOKINGS added 80 new daughters and slipped a bit in milk, but made it up by improving for % fat and % protein.  At +.08 for each, he is an elite component bull.  He also mainted his elite type score and improved on udder composite.  He also ranks #1 in this run’s Sire Conception Rating!

54BS437 TORCH is also entering 2nd crop and improved for milk, fat and protein while maintaining a strong udder composite and fitness traits.

54BS462 AUSTIN rose to the #1 Proven Active bull in the breed!  Having recently seen 10 daughters, I can clearly see why!

54BS468 ST NICK maintained his elite milk and protein status where he ranks in the top 10 for both.

54BS473 LOGAN graduated as a strong production bull with positive components.  His early type proof of +1.1 ties him as the top proven bull.

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