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New dairy music parody rocks the web

“Days on a dairy farm star early and end late. When dairy farmers were asked why they love this life, they said ‘Our job is feedin’ a nation!’”

That’s the introduction to a new music video from the Midwest Dairy Association, featuring 65 dairy farmers from across the Midwest as they put their spin on the Beach Boys’ song, “Good Vibration.”.

Among the lyrics:

“I love the dairyman’s life out here and the smell that wafts so sweetly through the air.”

“And when I milk them I can’t deny these bovine babes are the apple of my eye.”

“Comfort and milk safety is our vow and when we help you to understand, you will see our passion to protect the land.”

The music video is the brainchild of the Midwest Dairy Association who used dozens of dairy farmers between the ages of 1 and 81 for the creation of the video, which included a variety of dance numbers.

Click here t0 view video

Pro-agriculture music video parodies have been around for years, but the launch of the “I’m Farming and I Grow It” parody from the Peterson Farm Brothers propelled agriculture parodies into the national spotlight. They returned months later with “Farmer Style,” a parody of PSY’s “Gangnam Style.”  These parodies have been viewed by 8.4 million and 12.9 million people worldwide respectively.


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