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CASH brothers lead Jetstream’s sire lineup as the highest Observer sons available

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Jetstream Genetics announces an excellent April 2013 Sire Summary proof run, with several unique opportunities available. Catalogs are available by contacting Roger Turner: [email protected] or 608-­‐770-­‐0012  or by viewing SIRE CATALOG ONLINE here

The genetic information released on April 9 resulted in the following highlights.

  • 534HO00008 COLT 45 (Colt P-­‐Red x Shottle): The #1 RC PO sire, that is over +3.21 Type. The Chassity Family continues to generate superior breeding. COLT 45 is an own son of S Chassity EX92 and a maternal brother to the popular Gold Chip and 534HO00001 CARSON. This cow family stamps them true and built to last. Plus he can make them Red and Polled.
  • 534HO00010 CASHCOIN (Observer X Goldwyn): The #1 Observer son in the USA and Canada – GTPI +2470 at +2.70 Type. In Canada he is +3290 GLPI and +12 Conformation.
  • 534HO00009 CASHMONEY (Observer X Goldwyn): The #3 Observer son in Canada. He is +13 on Type, +13 Mammary Systems for Canada and over +3.00 on Type for the U.S.§ CASHCOIN and CASHMONEY lead the charts in both Canada and the U.S. from the world-­‐class S Chassity family – a family that delivers breed-­‐leading males and females. CASHCOIN and CASHMONEY offer an unquestionably faultless combination and are in demand as mating sires worldwide.
  • 534HO00001 CARSON (Observer x Shottle): Is Jetstream’s #1 milk sire. Extreme production and type at +2249 Milk and over +3.00 Type. With 6CE and outstanding fertility he is attractive all around.
  • 534HO00012 MODEL (Robust x Planet): He’s a great productive life sire, at an extreme +6.9 PL, +2.21 Type and over+700 NM$. He rates high for both health and type traits. The Wesswood-­‐HC Rudy Missy family delivers this remarkable sire.
  • 534HO00013 PLAYBALL (AltaIota x Planet): A 6CE makes him a specialist. He provides high production and health traits from a showcase pedigree that has been time-­‐tested true: The Barbies.
  • 534HO00016 BANK (Shamrock x Jeeves): This outcross sire is an attractive mating prospect at +2311 GTPI. No Snowman, Bolton or Toystory makes him an outcross sire and a unique opportunity delivering +3.31 Type.
  • 534HO00017 DELTA (Snowman x Atwood): Jetstream’s #1 type sire stands at +3.73 Type with loads of Milk at +1742. The Queen of the Breed, Roxy, is behind this masterpiece sire, combining type, production and cow family. DELTA’s Canadian figures exhibit chart-­‐topping conformation at +18, +14 MS and +15 FL.

• 534HO00018 LOTUS RC (Goldwyn x Talent): From the EX95 All American Rockymountain Talent Licorice, her fancy Goldwyn son dazzles as Jetstream’s #1 Custom Cut Type Sire. Goldwyn has been a dominant force in the breed. Combining him with the Idee Lustre family creates a hit that’s sure to deliver high type with showring winners. And he can make them Red.

Online ordering Jetstream sires is fast, easy and secure, delivered direct to the farm. Receive most shipments within two business days. To take advantage of these outstanding genetic opportunities, go to (Online orders available only in the U.S.) Jetstream distributors worldwide are also ready to serve. For a copy of the latest sire portfolio, email [email protected].

Jetstream Genetics provides breed-­‐defining sires through the upper echelon of genomics, whether those genetics are from deep-­‐pedigreed cow families or high numbers, extreme type or extreme production, Red or Polled, or the very best bulls that combine these attributes. Jetstream delivers excellence to its customers and provides the tools to increase customers’ genetic rate of gain. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream secures the most sought-­‐after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers, which allows them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.

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