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New All Time Milk and Protein Champion for Canadian Milking Shorthorns

A few years ago, Shawn Koopmans of Picton, Ontario made his first purchase of Milking Shorthorn genetics by purchasing a group of embryos from a top brood cow in the United States.

While he knew he was investing in top quality genetics from the top of the breed, he could not have expected that first venture in Milking Shorthorns to yield a National Show Grand Champion and now an All Time Single Lactation Milk and Protein Champion in the same cow!

Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple VG-88 recently passed the 305 day mark of her second lactation, and in doing so has set new records for Canadian Milking Shorthorns with 16,742 kgs of milk and 488 kgs of protein. This record (at three times a day milking) eclipses the previous records of 15,815 kgs of milk and 468 kgs of protein set by Oceanbrae Joe 34th VG-85 in 2007.

Her 676 kgs of fat places her second all time in that category, just behind her maternal sister, Oceanbrae Fawn’s Accent-P EX-91 who established a new record of 696 kgs of fat earlier this year. Apple’s BCAs for this record-setting lactation are a staggering 620-620-555.

Not only has Apple set a new record for production, but she was also Grand Champion at the Canadian National Milking Shorthorn Show in Lindsay, Ontario this past September, showing as a Three Year Old. It is a rare feat indeed for a National Production Champion to also be a Grand Champion show cow in the same lactation! Apple was also the #4 LPI cow in Canada in August 2013 at +2002 LPI.

Apple is sired by the Australian sire Clarefield Mocha, marketed by Semex Alliance. Her dam is Rovin Derek Ali Accent-P EX, mother of high indexing sons and daughters in both Canada and the United States and a former All American show winner. Apple’s first daughter by GMC Rebel Logic recently calved for the first time and is scored Very Good 86 in first lactation.

Congratulations to the Koopmans family on their accomplishments with Apple and for choosing to invest in the Milking Shorthorn breed!

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Thanks to Ryan Barrett
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