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National Dairy Shrine Announces 2013 Scholarship Winners

The National Dairy Shrine announces the winners of their scholarships for 2013.
These scholarships will be presented at the NDS Awards Banquet at the All American Dairy Show, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on September 11th. National Dairy Shrine will provide more than $50,000 of scholarships and awards to students at their annual banquet.

NDS Student Recognition Awards

The NDS student recognition program recognizes graduating seniors planning a career related to the dairy industry who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, academic ability, and a sincere interest in dairy cattle. Each university is allowed to nominate up to two candidates for this recognition in any given year. The highest winner receives a $2000 award, the second a $1500 award and the other winners receive $1000 awards.

The top awarded is Jacob Achen from St Paul, Minnesota. He has been very active in many dairy related activities at University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and has held leadership roles in many college and industry organizations. The second award goes to April Johnson of Heron Lake, Minnesota. She is a Dairy Production and Agriculture Education major at South Dakota State University. She has competed extensively in dairy cattle judging, dairy challenge and been very active in the SDSU Dairy Club.

Next is Mandy Brazil from Petaluma, California, who is an Agricultural Communications major at Cal Poly. Following next is Casey Arlig from Friendship, New York, who is majoring in Animal Science at Cornell University. Next is Jordan Hanson from Decorah, Iowa, who has Agricultural Business and Dairy Science majors at Iowa State University. Following is Isaac Salfer from Dassel, Minnesota, who has a major in Animal Science at University of Minnesota. Next is Mitch Kappelman from Two Rivers, Wisconsin, who has a major in Dairy Science with a Business Emphasis. Following next is Tyler Boyd from Parrottsville, Tennessee, who is a Dairy Science major at Virginia Tech. The final recognition awardee is Matt Henkes from Luana, Iowa. He is a Dairy Science major at Iowa State University.

 Kildee Scholarship Awards

Receiving the Kildee Graduate Studies Scholarship is Carissa Doody of Union Bridge, Maryland. Carissa is attending Virginia Tech. She is an outstanding student and has held numerous leadership roles on the campus of Virginia Tech. She has plans to get a Masters Degree in the Public Health Program of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Mandy Brazil of Petaluma, California, has been selected as this year’s recipient of the Kildee Undergraduate Studies Scholarship. She is currently attending Cal Poly, majoring in Agriculture Communications with an emphasis in Dairy Science & Agribusiness.

  NDS/DMI Milk Marketing Scholarships

Hayley Potts, of Purcellville, Virginia has been awarded the National Dairy Shrine / DMI Milk Marketing Top Scholarship of $1500. Additionally, eight other undergraduate students have been awarded $1000 scholarships and are listed alphabetically. These generous scholarships are made possible by Dairy Management Inc. and NDS to encourage students to pursue careers in dairy product or milk marketing.

Hayley Potts is a Food Science & Technology major at Virginia Tech. She has served as the President of the Virginia Junior Holstein Association and has been active in the dairy club and the Institute of Food Technologists. Rebecca Groos of Howard Lake, Minnesota is an Agricultural Education major at the University of Minnesota. Jordan Haelfrisch, of Reedsville, Wisconsin is a Agriculture and Applied Economics major at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Chaneen Haler of Norwood, Minnesota, is an Agricultural Education major at the University of Minnesota. Chelsey Johnson from Heron Lake, Minnesota, is attending South Dakota State University as an Agricultural Education, Leadership and Communications major. Nicolas Reps from Utica, Minnesota, is pursuing a Food and Agricultural business major at University of Minnesota. Michael Schmitt from Rice, Minnesota, is attending the University of Minnesota as an Animal Science major. Roxanne Seltzer from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, is pursuing Dairy Science and Communications majors at Virginia Tech.

 Maurice Core Scholarship

These $1000 scholarships are given in honor of Maurice Core, the long-time Executive Secretary of the American Jersey Cattle Association, and, more recently, the Executive Director of the National Dairy Shrine. The funds for this award were donated by the friends of Maurice Core. The Core Scholarships are given to freshman status students working toward a degree in dairy or animal science related majors.

Receiving Maurice core Scholarships are Bethany Dado of Amery, Wisconsin, who is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The next winner is Mikayla Conrad from New Holland, Ohio, who is attending Wilmington College. The final recipient is Shannon Rodeffer from Snohomish, Washington, who is attending Iowa State University. All of these college freshmen have been good students and very active in campus activities.

 Iager Scholarship

The Iager Scholarship for $1000 is awarded annually to students in a two year agricultural school pursuing a career in the dairy industry. It is based on academic standing, leadership ability, interest in the dairy industry and plans for the future. This scholarship was started with a generous donation from the Charles and Judy Iager family of Fulton, Maryland.

The two recipients this year are; Leah Caverly of Clinton, Maine, who is attending the Thompson School of Applied Science at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Dairy Management and Jorin Ouwinga of McBain, Michigan, who is attending the Michigan State

University Institute of Ag Technology majoring in Dairy Management. Both are outstanding students with definite plans for a future in the dairy industry.

 McCullough Scholarships

Each year, two scholarships are awarded by National Dairy Shrine in memory of Dr. Marshall E. McCullough, the well-respected nutrition researcher and educator from Georgia. Eligible students must be entering their freshmen year of college and plan to major in dairy/animal science or agricultural journalism with a dairy emphasis. National Dairy Shrine is pleased to announce this year’s McCullough Scholarship Winners are Johanna Knorr of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, and Sydney Endres of Lodi, Wisconsin.

Johanna Knorr will receive the $2500 top scholarship to be used towards her continued education at the University of Minnesota as an Animal Science /Applied Economics major.

Sydney Endres will receive a $1000 scholarship to be used towards her pursuit of a Life Sciences Communication / Dairy Science degree at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

 Klussendorf & McKown Scholarship Winners

Hannah Bachman of Ulysses, Pennsylvania, Emilie Strand of Ithaca, New York, and Mary Elizabeth Foote of Hartford, New York have been named this year’s Klussendorf Association Scholarship winners. These $1500 scholarships are awarded by the Klussendorf Association and funded by a significant donation from Klussendorf member, Chris Kampf, and through fund raisers and memorial gifts by the Klussendorf Association.

The McKown Scholarship winners receive a $1500 scholarship in honor of Robert “Whitey” McKown, a long time supporter of the Holstein breed and National Dairy Cattle Shows. These scholarships are made possible by generous donations from the family and friends of Robert McKown. This year’s winners are Ralph Cunningham from Penngrove, California, Cody Getschel from Osceola, Wisconsin, Michael Schmitt of Rice, Minnesota and Austin Schwartzbeck of Union Bridge, Maryland.

The annual National Dairy Shrine Awards Banquet will be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, September 11th. For more information about the students being recognized by National Dairy Shrine or tickets for the awards Banquet, contact Executive Director, Dr. David Selner at [email protected] Information on National Dairy Shrine membership or other activities is also available on the internet at Dairy enthusiasts are encouraged to become a part of the most important dairy organization helping to honor our dairy heritage, inspire future dairy leaders, and promote the dairy industry.

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