National Dairy Herd Information Association addresses data access resolution

National Dairy Herd Information Association addresses data access through resolution

National Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA) delegates met during the association’s 53rd annual meeting, March 6-8, in San Antonio, Texas. Delegates passed a resolution regarding data access and use. The resolution will be shared with organizations in the DHI system, dairy production cooperators and allied industry collaborators.

The resolution states: “Whereas, sharing of data is vital to farm profitability; and whereas, producer data deserves the highest respect and must be treated with great responsibility; and whereas, dairy industry organizations benefit from dairy producers sharing their data; and whereas, National Dairy Herd Information Association (National DHIA) Uniform Operating Procedures and Policies specifically indicate allowable use of data, access, use and publication of producer data; and whereas, there is industry inconsistency in data handling in regard to producer expectations; be it resolved that National DHIA members respect and strictly adhere to executed Material License Agreements (MLA), which govern access and use of producer data contributed to the National Cooperator Database. Be it further resolved that the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding, breed associations, genetic organizations and other industry stakeholders utilizing producer data acquired through National DHIA strictly adhere to and respect the signed MLA agreements.

National DHIA delegates passed the resolution on data access and use, after discussion in the regional caucuses and on the floor during the annual meeting. The National DHIA delegate base felt it was important to reaffirm the data flow and access to the National Cooperator Database at the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). This follows the statement that dairy herds want to know where and how data access and use are occurring. CDCB will be asked to provide documentation on data access and use of DHI system data provided voluntarily by dairy herds as part of this resolution’s action.

National Dairy Herd Information Association, a trade association for the dairy records industry, serves the best interests of its members and the dairy industry by maintaining the integrity of dairy records and advancing dairy information systems.


Provided by: National Dairy Herd Information Association

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