Thinking outside the milk bottle: Milk Money Vodka – Cowsmo

Thinking outside the milk bottle: Milk Money Vodka

Supporting the dairy industry over a social hour need no longer be limited to White Russians and Paralyzers as Leche Spirits now brings Milk Money Vodka to the bar!

“Conceived by a dairyman’s love for the industry, but fueled by the need for diversity, Milk Money Vodka was born. Twice distilled from milk, twice filtered, for a full bodied light cream taste. It’s udder satisfaction….” – Leche Spirits

Milk-Money-VodkaThe process of turning milk into vodka was first successfully done in the UK, however Milk Money Vodka started out with dairy producers out of New Zealand.  The new beverage is set to hit stores in Colorado and New Mexico later this month, with plans of being on the shelves in the Mid West shortly thereafter.  A 750mL bottle of this premium vodka will retail for $19.99USD and shouldn’t be hard to spot as it takes on the classic old time milk bottle look with a distinct black and white design of the Holstein cow.

This new 40% alcohol by volume, twice distilled, gluten free beverage will be targeted at women ages 21 – 45,  especially to those in the agricultural industry!


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