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DairyCents Pro Mobil App now available for Android and iPhone

DairyCents Pro producer and consultant versions of the moble app are now available for both platforms – Android and iPhone

DairyCents Pro producer version and consultant version will allow the user to enter in farm specific information so the herd can determine their feed cost/cow, IOFC, milk margin and the percent of income going towards feed cost. The other component of the app is to monitor several feed management metrics.

More information on the app, instructions and where to downloaded can be found on the app homepage.

DairyCents Pro is the newest version of DairyCents. It has the original DairyCents features plus farm specific calculations. The producer version allows data to be entered and tracked over time for one farm. The consultant version allows for multiple farms and the opportunity for their clients to share their information with them. The producer has to allow their consultants to access their data first and it can be revoked any time right from their device. Consultants can also download their data to an excel file.

The idea behind sharing information from the producer to the consultant is that often the producer is making adjustments to their forage source, purchased feeds, rations, groups of animals, etc. that the consultant may not be aware of until they are on the farm again.  Sharing this information through DairyCentsPro can increase effective communication between the many people working on or for a dairy.

“The results graph will be helpful to track my farm costs and N efficiency from month to month. I also like that I can share information with my nutritionist.” –Jon Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Werkhoven Dairy Inc, Monroe, WA

Source: Penn State Dairy Extension

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