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Milk Launches 26.2 Campaign to Sponsor Every Female Runner in This Year’s Marathon in NYC

In a world where male athletes take the center stage, Milk (yes, real dairy milk!) is redirecting the spotlight to women with the launch of 26.2. A powerful, experiential campaign, 26.2 is committed to sponsoring this year’s female marathoners while simultaneously supporting the next generation of female runners in partnership with Girls on the Run, an organization dedicated to empowering young girls through running.

Theresa Hui, Team Milk Runner, 23rd Marathon. © Gonna Need Milk

26.2 is an equalizer – the numeric distance is the same distance for everyone no matter the gender. Since 1970 when women were invited to participate, 26.2 has signified the determination of women – her passion, and her will to compete. This year, 26.2 is a celebration.

Launching a national open casting call, Milk invites any woman running this year’s marathon in New York to sign up for Team Milk – a calling to women of all shapes, sizes, and stories to be sponsored. In addition to providing these athletes with inspirational guidance from Peloton experts Olivia Amato and Selena Samuela, essential running gear, educational resources and a network of support, Milk will also match every Team Milk member’s registration fee (up to $600K USD) in a pledge towards Girls on the Run.

Understanding that while the distance is the same, the road to the finish line is that much further for women, Milk is highlighting the journeys of these inspirational ladies who deign to push themselves despite a world of obstacles. From single moms to first time runners, Milk is redefining what it means to be a sponsored athlete, celebrating the power and perseverance of all females.

“Milk is honored to support female runners in this year’s marathon. When it’s been predicted that only 0.2% of the $481 billion total sports-related revenue is associated with female sportswomen, it’s well past time to change the narrative,” says MilkPEP CEO Yin Woon Rani. “Milk has always been a performance beverage for all athletes – a nutritional resource for all genders – and MilkPEP is proud to have a long history of supporting and showcasing female athletes. The 26.2 program works to shine a light on incredible women who are proving to future generations that their dreams matter.”

“At Girls on the Run, we are dedicated to inspiring women and girls to realize their limitless potential. In a world where nearly 40% of USA athletes are female, but they receive only 2% to 4% of media coverage, it is time for a change,” adds Liz Wian, Vice President of Partnerships and Development at Girls on the Run International. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Milk on 26.2 to not only bring female athletes to the forefront but prove to future generations that female athletes are just as important. In addition to providing 13 essential nutrients that active girls need at a crucial growth period, Milk is providing opportunity and inspiration, which is priceless.”

From an innovative 3D Penn Station billboard visually showing a #TeamMilk member lifting up other women training for the marathon to join the #TeamMilk community to a large-scale digital and OOH campaign featuring real women running this year’s Marathon in New York, Milk is dedicated to showcasing the power of women. Women running this year’s Marathon in New York can sign up for Team Milk at to receive nutritional, mental and physical advice from our sports experts, on-site support at the expo, community support leading up to the race, encouragement from our massive cheer squad during the race, and access to a dedicated recovery station post-race equipped with recovery kits with essential post-race gear that can also serve as a centralized meet up location for friends and family.

A marathon is a physically grueling, mentally draining, exceptional feat. Every woman who has devoted the time, strength, pain and training to get across the finish line deserves to be celebrated. This is why Milk seeks to sponsor every woman… because every woman is a champion. Milk will be there for everything from the training, to the run to the recovery because when it comes to 26.2… You’re Gonna Need Milk.

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