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Master Breeder Herd Pierstein-Ferme Pierre Boulet Classification Highlights

It was a MAX score kind of day at Master Breeder herd Pierstein-Ferme Pierre Boulet’s latest classification round! Congratulations on a successful day!

PiersteinClassification Highlights
𝐁&𝐖 𝐇𝐨π₯𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐒𝐧𝐬
1st LactationΒ 

  • Pierstein Devour Alouannie VG-87 MAX SCORE (Alana’s family)
  • Pierstein Devour Rosha VG-87 MAX SCORE (Rose’s family)
  • Double-G Firecracker Sam VG-87 MAX SCORE
  • Pierstein Doorman Canne GP-84
  • Pierstein Dempsey Cotton Candy VG-86
  • Pierstein Devour Jollypop VG-85
  • Pierstein Wbrook Peanut Butter GP-83
  • Pierstein Dempsey Robyn VG-85
  • Hodglynn Crushabull Harley VG-87
  • Waybru Doorman Sunsation VG-85
  • Hodglynn America Verona VG-86

2nd Lactation

  • Pierstein Chief Anna VG-89 MAX SCORE (Alana’s family)
  • Pierstein Dempsey Lexi VG-89 MAX SCORE
  • Pierstein Octane Maycee VG-89 MAX SCORE
  • Winterbay Gold Gina VG-89 MAX SCORE
  • Pierstein Chief Alyssa VG-86 (Alana’s family)
  • Pierstein Doorman Jolene VG-88 (June’s daughter)
  • Pierstein Apple-Crisp Rexy VG-87
  • Pierstein Goldwyn Sone GP-83
  • Pierstein Arthur Tinki VG-87 (Time Out’s family)
  • Pierstein Expander Zoolander VG-88 (Zita’s family)
  • Fraeland Altitude Bikini VG-86
  • Winterbay Goldwyn Georgia VG-88
  • Riverdance Sidekick Tuakampout VG-85

3+ Lactations

  • Pierstein Avalanche Candice EX
  • Pierstein Absolute Julianne EX-91 (June’s daughter)
  • Pierstein Armani Ramadam EX-93-3E
  • Eden-View Chip Crystal EX
  • Lysem GC Boreale EX-93-3E

𝐑&𝐖 𝐇𝐨π₯𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐒𝐧𝐬
2nd Lactation

  • K-Hurst Jordy Denali-Red VG-89 MAX SCORE
  • Pierstein Unstopabull Rains VG-88

3+ Lactations

  • Pierstein Absolute Sally VG-88

1st Lactation

  • Homeridge T Annete VG-88 MAX SCORE
  • Terrace Bank Matt If Devotion VG-87

3+ Lactations

  • Starrcrest Premier Adelaide EX-93
  • Cliric Victorious Crest EX-91
  • Forever Hopeful Spunky Micah EX-93
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