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Markvale Holsteins Classification Highlights

Markvale Holsteins in Beachville, ON had a tremendous day with the classifier! Exciting highlights included 3 new Excellents and 4 Very Good 2-year-olds! Their current BCA stands at 264M 294F 276P. The herd classification is now EX-21, VG-66, GP-61 and G-7.

Classification Highlights
1st Lactation:
Markvale Cinderdoor Texas VG 86
Markvale CEO Jasmine VG 86
Markvale Cinderdoor Lovely VG 85
Markvale Cinder Brisia VG 85
Markvale CEO Tiffany GP 84
Markvale CEO Dana GP 84
Markvale Doorman Beauty GP 84
Markvale Cinderdoor Ellagance GP 83
Markvale CEO Lucy GP 83
Markvale Sympatico Alice GP 83
Markvale Cinderdoor Francis GP 83
Markvale Doorman Jasmine GP 83
5 more at 82

2nd Lactation
Markvale Doorman Rocket VG 87 (88 MS)
Melamar Ball of Wax Odell VG 87
Markvale Cinderdoor Meg VG 86 (2yr old)
Markvale Doorman Elise VG 85 (2yr old)
Markvale Cinderdoor Alice VG 85
3 more moving up

3rd Lactation or more
Markvale Doorman Jackpot EX 91 (92 MS) (new)
Markvale Fever Vienna EX 90 (new)
Springhope Reflector 2575 EX 90 (new)
Markvale Fever Becky EX 90 3E
Marbro Windbrook Jacinda EX 91 3E
Markvale Celeb Mazel VG 88
Markvale Aftershock Charm VG 88
Valleycrest Dundee Melonie VG 88
4 more at 87


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