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2019 All-American Jersey Contest Winners Announced!

The last of our All-American contests has crossed the finish line! The Cowsmopolitan All-American Jersey contest recognizes the efforts of the entire show season and this year saw a record number of outstanding Jerseys entered. Here are the winners of the 2019 competition!

The nominees were selected by a 3-person committee in early December. Ballots were then sent to a 14-person judging panel and the final point totals tabulated from those votes:
1st place votes = 7 points
2nd place votes = 3 points
3rd place votes = 1 point

The animal with the highest vote total is the All-American; 2nd highest is Reserve All-American. Any animal with a 15 or more total points is designated High Honorable Mention All-American, and an animal that garners 10-15 points earns Honorable Mention All-American status.

Congratulations to the owners and breeders of this tremendous group of Jerseys! Look for the winners to be featured in the Spring issue of Cowsmopolitan coming to your mailboxes in March!

Spring Calf
UAA – Big Guns Andreas Vegas Bomb-ET
RAA – Meadowridge Jedi Goldie
HM – Gar-Gen Gentleman Minnie
Nom – LC Barnabas Annie
Nom – Rivendale VIP Piper
Nom – Whitdale Gentry Graceful

Winter Calf
AA – Budjon-Vail Jordan C Shaneese
RAA – Brandervale Naughty Nickers
HHM – Big Guns Andreas Vienna-ET
Nom – Maker VIP Peppermint
Nom – Schulte Bros Colton Fame-ET
Nom – LLR Premier Tango-ET

Fall Calf
AA – Campbell TB Gunman Elsa
RAA – South Mountain Andreas Rascal-ET
HM – Top Quality Freaky Big Mudder
HM – South Mountain AJ Ramblin Rose
Nom – M-Signature Savannah
Nom – South Mountain Ajack Revival

Summer Yearling
AA – Schulte Bros Teq Glory-ET
RAA – Pacific-Edge Premier Kahlua
Nom – Smart Premonition Avery Alpha
Nom – Dream-Valley Gentrys Party
Nom – Rivendale Joel Dana
Nom – Tierneys Gunman Athena

Spring Yearling
AA – SV Heaths Gentry June-ET
RAA – Woodmohr She Prime
HM – HC-Hearts Desire Fizz Lucky
Nom – Impression Stormy
Nom – Drentex Velocity Sweet
Nom – Sugar Brook Rhianna-ET

Winter Yearling
UAA – Heart & Soul Fizz Faith
RAA – Glamourview Premier Spade
Nom – Townside Norman Kookie
Nom – Cold Run Andreas Betty Blowtorch
Nom – Roggua Robindale Just One Look
Nom – Glamourview Response Kruzer-ET

Fall Yearling
AA – Townside Norman Georga
RAA – Milksource Gentry Marriot
HHM – KCJF Andreas Cancun
Nom – Arethusa Impression Selia
Nom – Meadowridge Fizz Shyanne

Milking Yearling
UAA – Goff Andreas Mae
RAA – Milksource Gentry Mink
Nom – Leachland Kisses K
Nom – Underground Tootsie Twizzler
Nom – SV Heaths Tequila Chloe-ET
Nom – Mish-Ro VIP Shabbat Shalom

Junior 2-Year-Old
AA – Despresverts Joel Glamour
RAA – PA-A-Plus Genie Dramatic
HHM – Musqie Joel Villetta
Nom – River Valley Colton Juliette
Nom – Ratliff Irwin Duchess
Nom – Sugar&Spice Fizz Vallory

Senior 2-Year-Old
AA – LLR Tequila Excitement
RAA – River Valley Excitation Radiant
HHM – Genesis Premier Vista
HM – Arethusa Premier Ventosa
Nom – Bridon J Paste
Nom – Edgelea Gentry Sharon

Junior 3-Year-Old
AA – Charlyn Certified Venue Viva
RAA – SV Heath Tequila Jolie
HHM – Pleasant Nook Apple Dumpling
Nom – Twin Cty Premier Sisown
Nom – Lone Pine Joel Jugojuice
Nom – South Mountain Premier Sprite

Senior 3-Year-Old
AA – River Valley Excitation Flawless
RAA – Maker Applejack Get Over It
HM – Triple-T-Heath Getaway to Cancun
Nom – Golden Getaway Exotica
Nom – Four-Hill Velocity Gloriana
Nom – Kilgus Valentino Mya

UAA – Showdown Justine
RAA – Edgelea Tequila Sheraton
Nom – Elliotts Regency Corrina
Nom – Stone-Front Maverick Vicky
Nom – South Mountain Voltage Radiant
Nom – Krohlow Comerica Anna

UAA – Bri-Lin Valson Spritz
RAA – Stoney Point Impression Blenda
Nom – Arethusa Vespera
Nom – Faigle Farm Tequila Tic
Nom – Chilli Nitro Cabo
Nom – SSF Boeheim Pace

Aged Cow
AA – RRF Comerica Daisy
RAA – Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip
HHM – Arethusa HG Victoria
Nom – OBJ Blackstone Ada
Nom – SV Impression Holly
Nom – Windy Willow Impression Lori J

Lifetime Production Cow
AA – JL Vincent Sapphira
RAA – Arethusa Tequila Vision
HHM – Marlau Socrates Acadios
Nom – Pleasant Nook Action Posh
Nom – Premier Joy of JCB
Nom – Woodmohr V Diamond

Junior Best Three Females
AA – South Mountain Jerseys
RAA – Glamourview Jerseys
HHM – Big Guns Jerseys
Nom – Spring Valley & Heath Jerseys
Nom – Arethusa Farm

Senior Best Three Females
AA – Arethusa Farm
RAA – Pleasant Nook Jerseys
HHM – Spring Valley & Heath Jerseys
Nom – South Mountain Jerseys
Nom – Ratliff Jerseys

Produce of Dam
UAA – Produce of Arethusa Response Vivid #1
RAA – Produce of Schulte Bros Tequila Shot
HHM – Produce of Chilli Premier Cinema
Nom – Produce of Arethusa Response Vivid #2
Nom – Produce of Marynole Excite Rosey
Nom – Produce of MJ Candy DC Godiva

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