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Lookwell Farm Classification Highlights

Lookwell Farm in Elkhart, IN had the classifier out and rounded out the day with some great results and their new unofficial BAA on 25 cows sits at 113.0!

Ms Lookwell Portia EX92 owned with Brent Moyer ©Lookwell

Classification Highlights


  • Lookwell Crush Belle VG85
    All IN Summer Yrlg ‘20
  • Long Haven Doorman Liv VG86
    Res All IN Summ Yrlg ‘20 owned with Long Haven


  • Lookwell Solomon Winnie EX90
  • Ms Lookwell Peanut EX91 owned with Brent Moyer
    Res. All IN JR 3 ‘20 

3+ Lactation Cows

  • Ms Atw Chassity 9135 EX93 now 2E owned by K-Lane Holsteins
  • Lookwell Bonzai Hopeful EX91 now 2E
  • Troyer-LHW Absolute Renee now EX93 94MS 2E owned by Bob Osborn
  • Ms Lookwell Portia EX92 owned with Brent Moyer
  • Oneeda Goldchip Illa now EX92 owned with Oneeda
  • Winter field At Sherie Rae now EX92 3E owned with Woodsbrook
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