Jonas Haeni of Lone Pine Jerseys Receives 2022 Jersey Canada Youth of Distinction Award - Cowsmo

Jonas Haeni of Lone Pine Jerseys Receives 2022 Jersey Canada Youth of Distinction Award

Jonas graduated from Olds College in 2020 from the Agriculture Management Diploma program. He currently lives in Didsbury, Alberta with his girlfriend Mytayla Miller, and is a part of the 3rd generation at Lone Pine Jerseys. Jonas works alongside his grandparents, parents (Adrian & Vreni) and 3 brothers (Michael, Sam, & Nils) on the family farm where they milk 110 purebred Jerseys under the Lone Pine prefix. In addition to being involved with the day-to-day operations in the barn, Jonas is also involved in the management of the farm’s 800 acres of cropland that is dedicated to the production of barley, oats, wheat, canola and forages.

Lone Pine Jerseys was recently named the 2021 Jersey Canada Master Breeder Herd, and Jonas has been a vital member in working towards this success. Jonas displays a great amount of dedication and determination in whatever he’s doing, making him a great teammate and even stronger leader. Jonas has a true eye for cattle, he can pick any heifer out of the pasture and know her full pedigree. “He is our walking CDN guy!” states Vreni. His knowledge of the Jersey breed and more specifically the Lone Pine Jerseys herd goes generations back.

Jonas is a true advocate for the dairy industry and the Jersey breed. He displays passion in everything he does and that is especially evident when you witness him working with the Jersey cow. He provides each cow with his undivided attention, ensuring that she is well taken care of and that everything fits her needs. He is the true definition of a “good cow guy”.

Provided by Jersey Canada.

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Lone Pine was featured in our 2021 Late Summer issue ‘Lone Pine Jerseys – Master Breeder Herd’

Past Updates

January 24, 2022: After an incredible year in 2021, Lone Pine Jersey’s is still riding on that high with their recent 2022 Classification results!

Classification Highlights
4 New Very Good 2-year-olds

  • Matt Poker VG-86
  • Typhoon Delight VG-86
  • Tarzan Jackie VG-85
  • Victorious Milky Way VG-85

2nd Lactation

  • Nighttrain Lula VG-88
  • Joyride Lingo VG-88
  • Barnabas Freska VG-87
  • Viral Jemma VG-87

New Excellents

  • Joel Despacito EX-92
  • Joel Orangina EX-91
  • Joel Leap EX-90

October 13, 2021: Bidding is now open for the Fall Fantasy Sale! Lone Pine Jerseys has teamed up with Wendon Holsteins to present an incredible line up that everyone will want to be apart of ! The sale is being hosted through Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales platform, with lots of highlight lot videos on their Facebook page!

September 23, 2021: A really fun and exciting classification for Lone Pine! With an average score of 88.0% on 163 cows, their herd stats now sit at 43ME 21EX 78VG 21GP!

Classification Highlights
15 VG 1st Lactation which included an overall average of 85.2% on 21 animals

  • Touchdown Dandelion 87
  • Nuance Jem 87
  • Victorious Nominee 87
  • Vivaldi Donella 87
  • Chrome Donika 87
    Touchdown Who Dat 86
  • Touchdown Lacee 86
  • Viral Eve 86

2nd Lactation

  • Victorious Liquorice 89
  • Joel Bessy 88 Fall Fantasy
  • Joyride Anamika 88
  • Night Train Donner 88
  • Mega Power Jewel 87

7 New Excellents

  • Joel Donnybrook 94
  • Joel Sweet Dreams 93
  • Giller Venom 92
  • Barnabas Belamie 92
  • Joel Alabama 91
  • Velocity Fun 91
  • Barnabas Brave 90

August 18, 2021: A day was had for the Lone Pine Jerseys crew when they walked away with both Grand and Reserve Champion at the 2021 Alberta Dairy Congress Jersey Show! Claiming Grand Champion was 4-year-old Lone Pine Joel Despacito (Joel), followed by Reserve Champion with Senior 3-year-old, Lone Pine Victorious Liquorice (Victorius)! Watch for exciting lot consignments coming out of Lone Pine over the next couple months as they gear up for their ‘Fall Fantasy Online Sale’ hosted along with Wendon Holsteins on October 12-14th.

Lone Pine Jerseys has once again reported a really exciting classification round which included 18 VG 2-year-olds!

Classification Highlights


  • Victorious Thunder Struck ET VG-87 sells in the Avonlea Summer Showcase
  • Casino Lacey VG-87
  • Joyride Lingo VG-86
  • Touchdown Armani VG-86
  • Victorious Dominique VG-86
  • Victorious Molly VG-86
  • Casino Tidal Wave VG-85
  • Joel Julie VG-85
  • Journey Butterfly VG-85
  • Matt Lay Up VG-85
  • Megapower Lasic VG-85
  • Nighttrain Alice VG-85
  • Nighttrain Bluebell VG-85
  • Touchdown Bee VG-85
  • Touchdown Bluesy VG-85
  • Touchdown Jazz VG-85
  • Touchdown Nevada VG-85
  • Touchdown Scorpino VG-85
  • Viral Shift VG-85

Exciting 2nd Lactation move ups

  • Joel Despacito VG-89
  • Balin Lacosta VG-88
  • Joel Mams VG-88
  • Joel Sweet VG-88
  • Barnabas Lipstick VG-87
  • Impression Brownie VG-87
  • Impression Elexa VG-87
  • Joel Cinnamon VG-87
  • Joel Leap VG-87
  • Joel Mach VG-87
  • Nighttrain Berry VG-87
  • Veno Gloria VG-86

New Excellents

  • Beautifull Nostalgia EX
  • Frontrunner Ezzy EX
  • Joel Flint EX


February 12, 2021: Jersey Canada has announced that Lone Pine Jerseys is the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Master Breeder award! Congratulations on a very well deserved honor!

Lone Pine is ending the year on a high note after their most recent classification round resulted in 17 NEW VG 2-year-olds! Their current herd stats sit at 43 ME 21EX 67VG 17GP with an average of 87.3!

Classification Highlights

  • GUNMAN Blast 87
  • GUNMAN Balance 87
  • CASINO Lacey 86
  • JOYRIDE Clarissa 86
  • JOYRIDE Anamika 86
  • NIGHTTRAIN Lula 86
  • NIGHTTRAIN Donner 86
  • VICTORIOUS Liquorice 86
  • JACK Doozie 86
  • JOURNEY Miss Me 86

New Excellents

  • INVIGORATE Jasper 92
  • INCENTIVE Catniss 92
  • IRWIN Nutmeg 91
  • COLTON Bae 91
  • CHROME Bingo Bongo 90
  • NITRO Elevate 90
  • JACKPOT Nibs 90
  • JOEL Jo 90

Other Highlights

  • JOEL Orangina 88 2nd lact.
  • REDFORD Jay 94 4th lact.


October 30, 2020: “When you have a tight crew great things happen!” This couldn’t be more true for Lone Pine Jersey’s after their successful day at the 2020 Westerner Championship in Red Deer, AB. Highlights included Premier Breeder & Exhibitor! Visit their Facebook page to see some of the amazing quality they brought to the show!

July 24, 2020: Lone Pine had their followers trying to guess their exciting news. Guesses included new engagements, having children and even as far fetched as adding more goats. However, the big news they wanted to share is that they have another EX-95 among the herd! Lone Pine Irwin Monique takes on her new scoring well as she currently their production leader all through this lactation, putting in month long stretches of 40+kgs! Their herd stats now consist of 44ME 17EX 61VG 16GP 87.4 Avg.

Classification Highlights

  • Irwin Monique 95
  • Joel Donnybrook 89 (2nd)
  • Joel Sweet Dreams 88 (2nd)
  • Velocity Fun 88 (2nd)

VG 2-year-olds

  • Impression Bouquet 87
  • Joel Mams 86
  • Barnabas Fashion 86
  • Viral Fanny 86
  • Barnabas Lipstick 85
  • 2nd Lact. gainers include:
  • Barnabas Belamie 87
  • Frontrunner Easy 87
  • Barnabas Brave 87

3rd Lactation

  • Matt Dizzy 92
  • Megappwer Dreamy 90

4th Lactation

  • Valentino Bourbon 93 96MS
  • Habit Delicate 90
  • Paullyn Irwin Alexis 92
  • Old Girls (OG’s)
  • Bigrock Enchant 92 (5th)
  • Connection Sparkle ET 92 (6th)
  • Ontime Ally 92 (8th)

March 26, 2020: Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., has consigned to the Revolution Jersey Tag Sale taking place Mar 26-28th! Check out their exciting Lot 25 consignment video on their page!

August 13, 2019: Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., has updated their Facebook page with their professional photos on newly EX96 Lone Pine Cavalia Lookout.

Read more about Lookout here

Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd. has updated their Facebook page with their recent classification results! Their herd average is now 86.3 with 39 multiple Excellents, 28 Excellents, 71 Very Good and 20 Good Plus!

Classification Highlights

8 new Excellents
-Megatron Follow Me 93
-Reviresco Sera 92
-Irwin Monique 92
-Irwin Missy 91
-Paullyn Irwin Elexis 91
-Olympian Sensation 90
-Paullyn Excitement Raeca 90
-Topeka Distraction 90

11 New VG 2-Yr Olds
-Joel Donnybrook 87
-Joel Alabama 87
-Joel Ebony 86
-Tequila Strikes Again 86

Other highlights
-Cavalia Lookout 94-2E
-Gammon Janice 91-2E

May 7, 2018: Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., joins Cowsmo’s Breeder Tour! Located in Didsbury, 45 minutes north of Calgary, AB, the farm is owned by Adrian and Vreni Haeni, and Vreni’s parents Kurt and Marie-Louise. They immigrated from Switzerland and have been milking cows at Lone Pine for 25 years.
Lone Pine Jerseys

They milk 90 purebred Jerseys, and have around 290 head including young stock and dry cows. The intensive use of sexed semen has also allowed them to sell quite a few cows over the last 5 years.

Breeding decisions are accessed on an individual basis with the goals of production and longevity in mind. They are also using as many A2 sires as they can. Current sires include: Chrome, Dragon, Grandious, Colton, Joyride, Viral, Victorious, Ladd, Casino, Change Up, Touchdown, Nuance.

Some of their favorite cow families go back to:

  • Lone Pine Jude Jocelyn EX 2E 5* (Daughters: 3X, 2 VG, 1 GP)
  • Lone Pine Iatola Twilight EX 3* – 3 daughters all scored EX including Lone Pine Grandious Thunder EX 95 2E (Twilight’s Next Dams: VG-88 2*, EX-91 3E 4*, GP-84 3*, EX, EX 6*, EX 1*)
  • Lone Pine Giller Donna EX-94 6E 3* (Daughters: 1 EX, 3 VG, 1 GP)
    – nominated Jersey Canada Cow of the Year 2016
    – Class Leader for Fat 2017
  • Lone Pine Top Prize Bell EX-91 3E 2* (Daughters: 1 EX, 2 VG, 1 GP)
    Next dams: VG, VG, EX, EX, VG
  • Western Jude Brenda EX 4* – her famous granddaughter Lone Pine On Time Believe EX-94 2E is a
    3X All-Canadian Nominee (Res. All-Canadian Sr 3 2014),
  • Gaymar Surville Dawn EX 6E 4* (Daughters: 2 EX, 3 VG, 2 GP)
  • Lone Pine Sambo Luna EX-95 4E 3* (daughters: 2 EX, 1VG & 1 GP)
    – Next Dams: EX 2E, VG-87, VG-86, EX 3E, EX 2*
  • Lone Pine Klay Elina EX-91 4E 1* (daughters: 1 EX & 1 VG-88 to date)


Check out their Facebook Page HERE for their Mammary Monday feature & more!

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