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Location: Range Rd 273, Didsbury, AB

Phone: (403) 335-3028

Lone Pine Jerseys began when Adrian and Vreni, along with Vreni’s parents Kurt & Marie-Louisse, immigrated from Switzerland. They farm with their four boys Michael, Samuel, Jonas & Nils, in the town of Didsbury, which is 45 minutes north of Calgary, Alberta. The Haeni family milks about 90 purebred Jerseys and farm 850 acres of wheat, barley and alfalfa hay. The breeding goals at the farm include improved efficiency, production and longevity and they use as many A2 sires as possible. Active at several shows throughout the year, the Haeni family has had a lot of success in the show ring and earn many All-Western nominations each year. Their herd is almost entirely homebred and is anchored by cows like Lone Pine Giller Donna EX-94 6E 3* who was nominated Jersey Canada Cow of the Year in 2016.

Latest News:

Jonas graduated from Olds College in 2020 from the Agriculture Management Diploma program. He currently lives in Didsbury, Alberta with his girlfriend Mytayla Miller, and is a part of the 3rd generation at Lone Pine Jerseys. Jonas works alongside his grandparents, parents (Adrian & Vreni) and 3 brothers (Michael, Sam, & Nils) on the family farm where they milk 110 purebred Jerseys under the Lone Pine prefix. In addition to being involved with the day-to-day operations in the barn, Jonas is also involved in the management of the farm’s 800 acres of cropland that is dedicated to the production of barley, oats, wheat, canola and forages.

Lone Pine Jerseys was recently named the 2021 Jersey Canada Master Breeder Herd, and Jonas has been a vital member in working towards this success. Jonas displays a great amount of dedication and determination in whatever he’s doing, making him a great teammate and even stronger leader. Jonas has a true eye for cattle, he can pick any heifer out of the pasture and know her full pedigree. “He is our walking CDN guy!” states Vreni. His knowledge of the Jersey breed and more specifically the Lone Pine Jerseys herd goes generations back.

Jonas is a true advocate for the dairy industry and the Jersey breed. He displays passion in everything he does and that is especially evident when you witness him working with the Jersey cow. He provides each cow with his undivided attention, ensuring that she is well taken care of and that everything fits her needs. He is the true definition of a “good cow guy”.

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