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Llinde Ariel Jordan Claims 4th Spanish National Grand Champion Title

Llinde Ariel Jordan, exhibited by SAT Ceceño of Cantabria, captured the Grand Champion title at the 2023 Spanish National Holstein Show held on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 in Gijón, Asturias. Her win places this amazing cow alone at the top of the winner’s list as it’s the fourth time in a row that she has been named Grand Champion! This victory is historical milestone and will be difficult to equal!

Llinde Ariel Jordan came to the top of a high-quality show that saw 159 animals exhibited by 52  Spanish Holstein breeders and were judged by Paulino Badiola. Ariel prevailed in the champion lineup against Serrada Chantel Chief, owned by La Serrada, Ávila, who was named Reserve Grand Champion, and Rey 814 Beemer Yuri, shown by Rey de Miñotelo of Lugo, who was tapped as HM Grand Champion.

Ponderosa Holsteins of Lleida, Catalonia won the Premier Breeder & Exhibitor titles and Casa Flora, from Asturias, was runner-up in both races.

Heifer Show
This edition of the Spanish National Show began with the calf and heifer classes, held in the morning. The awards for Premier Breeder & Exhibitor awards for the heifer show went to Rey de Miñotelo of Lugo, while Ganadería Carro of Galicia was runner-up for both.

The Junior Champion title went to Casa Venturo of Asturias with Venturo Happen Rosani. Reserve Junior Champion honors went to Casa-Nova Gigi Blaska 1661, exhbited by Ganadería Carro, Galicia.

Red & White Champions
For the second year, Red & White Champions were recognized. Junior Champioon was Oyambre Kandela Moovin Red, exhibited by SAT Cabo Oyambre of Cantabria. Reserve Junior Champion for the second year was Gloria Warrior Antya Red, owned by Gloria Holstein, Cantabria.

Grand Champion R&W Cow was Ferreiro Rocío Jordy Red Roja, exhibited by Casa Cid, Lugo of Galicia. Reserve Grand Champion was Sarobefarm Warrior Izane Roja, owned by Sarobefarm of Bizkaia, Basque Country.

The winning autonomous region herd went  to Catalonia, for the second year in a row, followed by Cantabria. Paulino Badiola chosed Alberto Iglesia of Galicia, Elio Noci from Italy and Vicente Velasco of Galicia, in this order, as the best showmen.

The XXII National Showmanship concluded the great Spanish Holstein weekend with a perfect ending on Sunday thanks to the large participation, with 39 participants from 1 to 28 years. Llorenç Bosch stood out as Senior Champion; María Otero as Junior Champion; and Claudia Lopez as Children’s Champion. CONAFE judges Paulino Badiola, Xavier Álvarez and Bonet Cid evaluated how they presented the animals on the ring.

The Spanish National Holstein Show 2023 was organized by CONAFE (Spanish Holstein Confederation) with the collaboration of Asturiana de Control Lechero-Asociación Frisona (ASCOLAF) and under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Rural Development and Natural Resources of the Government of the Principality of Asturias, the City Council of Gijón, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Chamber of Commerce of Gijón, CLAS, Caja Rural de Gijón and Caja Rural de Asturias.

Check the results of the Spanish National Holstein Show through the following link:

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