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Great Classification Round at Wendon Holsteins

Wendon Holsteins in Red Deer County, Alberta spent the day with the classifier last week and have some great results to report!

Increased Ex and Multiple Ex:
Wendon BSD Solo Meriah EX-92 2E
Wendon Carmello Hope EX-92 2E
Wendon Goldsun Amber EX-91 2E
Wendon Solomon Drive EX-3E
Wendon Destry Debutante EX-4E
Wendon Goldwyn Aloha EX-4E
Wendon Jordan Dixie EX-6E

New Excellents:
Wendon Solomon Alby EX-94
Wendon Dempsey Dive EX-90
Wendon Unix Danielle EX-90

2nd Lactation:
Wendon HiOct Pickup VG-88
Wendon KPin Dee VG-88
Wendon Unix Also VG-87
Wendon Deman Yell VG-87
Wendon Denver Daff VG-87
Wendon Deman Divert VG-87
Tappenvale Drifter Madi VG-87
Wendon HiOct Pickme VG-86
Wendon GChip Ruthie VG-85
Wendon Unstop Debit VG-85
Scothaven Unix Oreo VG-85

1st Lactation:

Skykomish Unix Aspen VG-86 (owned by T&L Cattle Ltd)
Scothaven Denver Colorado VG-86

Blondin Believe It I’m Sexy VG-86 (owned with T&L Cattle Ltd)

Wendon Chief Albeit VG-85
Wendon Denver Dipped VG-85
Wendon DBack Dialed VG-85
Wendon Unix Aroma VG-85
Wendon Lambda Dionne VG-85
Wendon Expander Bubble VG-85
Wendon Doorman Yenti VG-85
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