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Lasting Memories Created by Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red EX-95 3E

“Best family right now by a country mile,” is how Reid and Daria Stransky summed up Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red EX-95 3E back in July 2016 to Cowsmopoliltan. She was a household name amongst the Red & White community, acquiring 9 R&W All-American Nominations over the course of her show career.

Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red EX95-3E

Bred by Jennifer Dingbaum-Varo, Tiffany was purchased in partnership by Reid and Daria Stransky of Stranshome as a calf. She made her mark right from the beginning, being named the 2007 All-American R&W Winter Calf after winning her class at the International Red & White Show.

Her winning career continued each year, and in 2011 she was named Supreme, Grand & Senior R&W Champion of the Minnesota State Fair. In 2014, at the Minnesota State Fair, Tiffany made history along with her daughter, Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET (now EX-96), owned by Milksource LLC as they were the first Dam & Daughter pair to walk in the Supreme Champion parade. Tiffany had earned the title of R&W Grand Champion, while Tequila earned the B&W Grand Champion title. Tequila would go on to even greater fame as a two-time Grand Champion of the International Red & White Show in Madison in 2014 & 2015. The 2019 WDE Supreme Champion heifer and the 2018 Reserve Supreme Champion heifer are both daughters of Tequila – granddaughters of Tiffany, whose brood cow status is equaling her show cow accomplishments.

Our thoughts are with the Stranskys & Jennifer Dingbaum-Varo over the passing of Tiffany, and hope the memories that were created over the years with her will last a lifetime.

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