Sunkist Corvette LillyGirl EX-94 Sunkist Acres & Willvue Genetics

Sunkist Corvette LillyGirl scores EX-94 at Sunkist Acres & Willvue Genetics latest Classification Round

Sunkist Acres & Willvue Genetics are thrilled to announce that LillyGirl scored at EX94 94MS and 96DS at their recent classification. The classification round resulted in 5 new Excellents & 4 VG 2-Year-Olds!

Classification Highlights

New Excellents

  • Sunkist Airlift Lexus Livley EX91
  • Sunkist Doorman Ainsley EX91
  • Sunkist Aftershock Haleya EX90
  • Sunkist Solomon Hasley EX90
  • Sunkist Brady Zera EX90

EX Cows Raised

  • Sunkist Alexander Adele EX92 2E
  • Sunkist Goldchip Skye EX92 2E
  • Willvue-ND Braxton Hope EX92

VG 2-Year-Olds

  • Sunkist Alexander Piper VG88
  • Sunkist Avalanche Legacy-P RC VG85
  • Sunkist Solomon SweetSummertime VG85
  • Sunkist Alonzo Leta VG85
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