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Kingsway Farms Shares Recent Classification Results

Kingsway Farms of Hastings, ON recently hosted the classifier, and has some great results to share!
Kingsway Goldwyn Riddler VG-88 2yr owned with Hodglynn
Kingsway Doorman Wanda VG-87 2yr
Kingsway Sid Vinnie VG-87 2yr
Sprucecho Chelios Lolita VG-86 2yr owned with Lindsay Oxby
Kingsway Juggernaut Mittens VG 2yr
Milvalea Uno Nickie VG 2yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Reba VG 2yr
Kingsway Brokaw Marlyn VG 2yr
Granvale Brady Kenzie VG 2yr owned with Grant Armstrong

Kingsway Lumi Smashing VG-89 3yr
Kingsway Windbrook Courage VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Lipsmack VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Stanley Macy VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Windbrook Zenith VG-87 3yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Dixie VG-87 3yr

Kingsway Goldwyn Gogie EX-90
Kingsway Atwood Devie EX-91
Kingsway Fever Connie EX-93 2E
Kingsway Sanchez Cross Check EX-90 2E
Kingsway Goldwyn Gamer EX-91 2E
Sprucecho Shottle Ali EX-91 2E
Tolamika Fever Gamourizd EX-90 2E
Kingsway Goldwyn Dandy EX-93 3E
Kingsway Goldwyn Mellow EX-93 4E
Kingsway Dundee Deli EX-94 6E

November 2015 Highlights include:
The average score on 18 scored 2 year olds is 85.1!

Millbrooke Atwood Ooh La La VG-88 2yr owned with Millbrooke
Kingsway Goldwyn Elsie VG-87 2yr owned with Millen
Kingsway Stanley Macy VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Elizabeth VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Windbrook Loreine VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Windbrook Zola VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Windbrook Courage VG-86 2yr
Donnandale Day Lite VG-85 2yr
Cherry Crest Stanley Cup Onion VG-85 2yr
Kingsway Lumi Smashing VG-85 2yr
Kingsway Shadow Cabob VG-85 2yr
Kingsway Gold Sun Donelea VG-85 2yr

Kingsway Dempsey Ruth Anne VG-89 3yr

Kingsway Sid Drusilla EX-90
Kingsway Goldwyn Alejondo EX-90
Serenity Hill Niagra Roz EX-90
Kingsway Goldwyn Gamer EX-90

Kingsway Dundee Lava EX-95 2E
Knonaudale Jasmine EX-94 3E
Kingsway Dundee Deli EX-94 5E
Kingsway Goldwyn Dandy EX-93 2E
Kingsway Goldwyn Clarice EX-92 4E
Kingsway Laurin Appalousa EX-92 2E
Kingsway Goldwyn Abby EX-91 4E
Kingsway Bolton Kayak EX-90 3E
Kingsway Sanchez Gena EX-90 2E

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