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Cogent Appoints Roach, Boothman in New Positions

Britain’s largest bull stud, Cogent Breeding, has appointed industry heavyweight Mark Roach as its new Managing Director to strengthen the company’s support to the UK market and provide better service for customers.

To further bolster Cogent’s UK business, it has also appointed former International Sales and Operations Manager Stuart Boothman to the new role of UK Business Manager.

Mark Roach, who joins Cogent from the award winning Grosvenor Farms, Cheshire, and brings decades of industry expertise, said: “We have a talented, passionate and committed team and I’m looking forward to working with everyone at Cogent and seeing the business prosper both in the short and long term.

“I know a lot about the business, I know a lot of the people and more importantly I know the industry, the market and our customers. I am confident that I’ll be able to hit the ground running.

“The market is gradually improving; we have fantastic range of products and services, and we’re eager to demonstrate a renewed commitment to current and future customers and show them we can do even more to advance their businesses.”

Mark, who takes on the role in addition to his responsibilities at Grosvenor Farms, previously served as an Executive Director at Cogent from 1998 until 2005.

He added: “At Grosvenor Farms I am also a customer of Cogent and therefore I am fully aware of the value that Cogent’s products and services can offer our customers.”

Pioneering sexed semen specialists Cogent, which was founded in 1995, provides a range of high quality and effective dairy farming solutions and genetics, reproductive, health and fertility monitoring packages to help improve herds, large or small.

Stuart Boothman, who has been appointed UK Business Manager, bringing his invaluable experience to boost Cogent’s UK market, added: “The short term priority will be on the fundamentals, back to basics, keeping it simple and strengthening the core of the business and focusing on how we can add value to our customers’ businesses.”

“We have a top line up of bulls which along with genomic testing, mating programmes, Moomonitor, sexed semen and the full Precision offer means that we are uniquely placed to provide complete genetic and reproduction solutions offering to our customers which will make their business more productive and competitive.

“I believe that nobody else can offer more or better. There isn’t a farm in the country that couldn’t get better value from our range of products.”

Source: Cogent


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