'Kickin it with the Cows' fundraising run Children's Hospital Wisconsin

‘Kickin’ it with the Cows’ fundraising run succesfully raises money for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

More than 1,500 runners from all over the country ‘Kicked It with the Cows’ on Saturday, and it’s all for a good cause.
‘Kickin’ it with the Cows’ is a fundraising run and walk by Dairy Cares of Wisconsin, the money raised will go to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The event is open to everyone, even those with four legs.

“It isn’t just for kids, it isn’t just for adults, it isn’t just for people who are hoping to get a personal best today, it’s not just for people that are out here for a walk, it’s really for everyone, and we really want everyone to join us because it’s supporting a great cause in Children’s Hospital and that’s what Dairy Cares of Wisconsin is all about,” said Michael Kuehl, event chairman.

Saturday’s event is the first time Brad Seeley’s two kids competed in a run.

“We just really wanted them to experience a fun run. I’ve been running for 25 something years and we’re just excited to do a race that was completely focused on them,” said Seeley.

After runners and walkers completed the course, they were treated to cheese, milk, ice cream, cookies and even beer for the adults. For some people those treats were motivation to cross that finish line.

“Today’s a beautiful day, I mean there’s no better day to do it. It’s not too hot compared to the weeks past here, so I’m enjoying myself, I’m glad we’re having a good time,” said runner Jacob Finegan.

“I can’t wait for the cheese curds, so that’s why I did it,” said Finegan’s running partner, Elizabeth Kangas.

“We knew it was kid friendly and lots of cool activities and stuff, so we’re excited to go get some ice cream now, have some chocolate milk and see the cows,” Seeley says.

It wouldn’t be called ‘Kickin’ it With the Cows’ if you didn’t actually get to kick it with the cows, runners got to visit with dairy cows, goats and calves. The event brought in 1,600 people from 20 different states and raised more than $20,000 for the children’s hospital

Kuehl says that $20,000 wouldn’t be possible without the help of partnerships and volunteers, like Action 2 News anchor, Bill Jartz, who helped emcee the event.

“I mean it’s all good and everybody really loves all the stuff that we’re able to provide for them. It’s all donated and then with all the funds from participation of the community we get to give that money back to the children’s hospital,” said Kuehl.


Source: WBAY.com

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