Helplinelocal events set support Irish farmers current heatwave

Helpline and local events set up to support Irish farmers through the current heatwave

A helpline has been set-up and a number of local events have been arranged by Teagasc in a bid to support farmers through the continuing heatwave.
Teagasc has announced events throughout the country which will deal with fodder and feed management in the current drought. At these events the financial and social/stress aspects of this drought will be discussed.

In addition to the events, Teagasc has set up a helpline for farmers who want to speak to an advisor regarding options for feeding stock. As grass growth rates continue to decline throughout the country many farms are coming under serious pressure.

Farmers can contact this helpline at 087-797 1377 from 9am to 9pm each day.

Chair of the interagency fodder group, Dermot McCarthy said; “Grass growth rate has declined to nil in parts of the southeast and on individual fields and farms in the south and midlands.

“Given that the weather forecast indicates no significant rain for at least another week, it is important that farmers make best use of remaining grass supplies and make the best decisions regarding meal and silage supplementation.”

While an interagency group had been carrying out a fodder census to establish the levels of silage available for feeding next winter, many farmers have begun to open pits as grass runs short. The results of the census are expected within days and initial indications are that most farms had good first cut yields.

Locations and dates for all clinics are included in the table below:



Source: Irish Farmers Journal

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