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Karli Britton Crowned the 2022 Klamath County Dairy Princess-Ambassador

Karli Britton a Junior at Lost River High School, was crowned  the 2022 Klamath County Dairy Princess-Ambassador during a ceremony on Friday, May 6. Britton, 17, was born and raised in Merrill, Oregon, and has participated in dairy cattle  evaluation and has raised a jersey heifer as part of her FFA Supervised Agriculture  Experience, qualifying her for this opportunity.

Britton will spend the next year promoting dairy farming across the county and state. She’ll  attend fairs, events, and visit classrooms helping people and students learn more about the  dairy industry.

Britton grew up with a love of cattle and has always had a place in her heart for dairy cows.   She started participating in dairy cattle events at the Klamath County Fair in 2020.  Britton  looks forward to the opportunity to advocate for Oregon’s hard-working dairy producers.   “Although I didn’t grow up on a dairy, I’m excited to be a part of this long-standing program  and help promote and share my love of the dairy industry with consumers”.

Klamath County is home to four dairies, a small number, but an important part of Oregon’s  dairy industry. The Klamath County Dairy Women are excited to continue to the tradition  of having a local Dairy Princess.  Jaime Evers, 2019 Klamath County Dairy Princess and  2020 Oregon Dairy Princess crowned and passed the title of Klamath County Dairy Princess on to Britton.  Britton will compete for the title of Oregon Dairy Princess Ambassador next May.

Oregon Dairy Women  (ODW) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with  the main  objective to promote the dairy industry. The ODW mission is to promote greater use of all  dairy products through outreach and educational programs.   

Since 1959, the Oregon Dairy Women’s Dairy Princess Ambassador Program has served as  the premier advocate for the Oregon Dairy Industry in collaboration with the Oregon Dairy  Farmers Association and the Oregon Dairy Nutrition Council. The ODW award scholarships,  and provides financial support to 4-H and FFA programs, Agriculture in the Classroom, Ag  Fest, Summer Ag Institute, Adopt-a-Farmer and judging teams.

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