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2022 ExpoFemi Brazil Exceeds Expectations

The agribusiness sector, highlighted in the animal exhibition, was well represented at ExpoFemi. One of the spaces most visited by people included animals from all over the region to participate in the 19th edition of the State Corn Festival.

Lemonhead Do Cruzeiro exhibited by Marcirio Flores Alves is named Grand Champion at the 2022 ExpoFemi.

The trial began on Friday (06), but focused on Saturday (07) with the evaluation of the Jersey and Holstein dairy cattle. According to the president of the Livestock Commission, Eleandro Arsego, the trial exceeded the organization’s expectations, especially in terms of the animals’ high genetic level. 93 Holstein animals passed through the trial, with the national stage, and 98 Jersey animals.

“The judgment of the dairy cattle was very good, the animals that participated had a high genetic level, and the judge had great difficulty in choosing the champions who were awarded in various categories”, highlights Arsego.

One of the coordinators of the commission, Jeferson Piccoli, explains that the evaluators analyzed the morphological condition, placement of teats, legs and the way the animal walked to arrive at the choice of champions. “All the participants liked it and left happy with the judges’ evaluations”, commented Piccoli.

The winning Holstein animals were: from Cabanha Cassiano, from Concórdia, with the adult animal; and Cabanha do Gelson Dalla Costa, from Quilombo, with the young female. Piccoli explains that these animals will participate in a national selection process where the best animals will be selected to choose the Best Cow in Brazil.

From the Jersey breed, the champion animal is from Alegrete/RS and the young female champion is from the Tenfel family from Braço do Norte/SC. “The supreme cow at the Feira, the best cow was the Jersey cow by Marcilio Flores Alves, from Alegrete/RS”, explained Piccoli.

The winners of the trial received a trophy, a cash value, a shipping allowance and the name at the national level adding value to the producer’s property.

On Saturday night (07) the award was given to the dairy and beef cattle participants, through a fraternization dinner between the exhibitors. According to Arsego, everyone who participated received a participation trophy and the winners rosette, and the great champions received the belt and reserved for champion.


Source: ExpoFemi

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