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Junior Show Transfer Deadlines Approaching Quickly!

A quick reminder to check with your breed association about the Junior ownership transfer deadline for your project animals!

Holstein – mailed transfers must be received by Friday, July 14th! Online transfers may be submitted up until 11:59pm EST on Saturday, July 15th. Rules here!

Red & White – same rules as Holstein USA – received via mail by July 14th; online through July 15th. Rules here!

Jersey – Animals must be registered and/or transferred to meet ownership requirements on or before August 1, 2022. Rules here!

Milking Shorthorn – Ownership of the animal must be recorded in AMSS herdbook in the name of the junior exhibitor(s) by August 1st of the current year. Rules here!

Ayrshire – August 1st is the deadline to transfer ownership or file lease agreements for any animals being exhibited at national Ayrshire junior shows or to be entered in the Junior All-American contest. Rules here!

Brown Swiss – All transfers and recorded ownership must be dated by August 1st of the current year for all classes. Rules here!

Guernsey – The animal must have been transferred or registered, or the lease recorded, by August 1 of the year shown. Rules here!

If you have any questions about junior ownership or junior membership, please call the respective breed organization ASAP! Avoid the disappointment of missing a deadline!

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