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Classification Time at Kara-Kesh Holsteins

Kara-Kesh Holsteins, owned and operated by the Griffin family in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, had a visit from the classifier and have some outstanding new scores to report in their small herd!

The herd now totals 11 EX cows and 3 VG 1st lactation cows ~ All Red or *RC ~

Many trace back to their foundation cow, Platte-Vu Advent Sara-Red EX 94-3E!
Kara-Kesh-RK Superstition *RC *PC A2A2 – VG-85 VG-86-MS @ 1-11
Latenite-P-Red x five generations EX dams from Advent Sara family
Kara-Kesh-RK Swirl-Red-ETVG 85 @ 1-10
Unstopabull-Red x the Saras
Kara-Kesh-RK Garnet-Red-ET VG 87 @ 2-10 (2023 All-MN Senior 2-Year-Old)
LOH Dice-Red x Our Gem-Red EX-91 x Roxys
Kara-Kesh-RK Jacot Selene *RC – EX-91 @ 3-01  (2023 Junior All-MN Junior 3-Year-Old)
Jacot x EX-93 2E Avalanche from the Saras
Ms Kara-Kesh-RK Ammo She-Ra *RC *PC A2A2 – EX-91 2E
Ammo-P x VG-86 x All-American Scha-TJ Cntndr Shawna-Red EX-93 2E
Kara-Kesh-RK Av Spring-ET *RC – EX-93 2E
Avalanche from the Saras
Legend-Maker Larson Gizzel-Red “Gigi”EX-94 3E and due next week!
Larson from Stelbro Renita Ranger-Red family
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