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International Anniversary Sale A.L.H. Genetics

A very special year: That will be the year 2013 for A.L.H. Genetics, the international trade organization which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in that year. The anniversary will be celebrated with an exclusive and international jubilee sale named “the ALH at HOME SALE “, which will take place at the A.L.H. Genetics B.V. headquarters in Damwoude, Friesland, Netherlands on June 15.

Thanks to lots of varied and extensive offers from both Dutch and many  suppliers world wide, this international sale be absolutely magnificent, according to Dutch as well as international standards. Within short, A.L.H. Genetics will supply more detailed information about this international event, where international speakers are expected, and where visitors already will be welcome at a special BBQ reception on the eve before the sale.

Make a note on your agenda: June 15, 2013: the ALH @ HOME SALE!

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