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Indiana State Fair’s Supreme Drive Crowns Freeman Sibling Success in Dairy Cattle Showdown

The Freeman family from St. Joseph, Indiana are not strangers to dairy cattle showring success at all levels of competition, from the Indiana State Fair to the colored shavings at the World Dairy Expo and national shows. This year at the 2023 Indiana State Fair they had exceptional success and crafted memories that will last forever.

The Supreme Drive took place on Sunday evening at the Indiana State Fair, showcasing top-notch female breeding animals such as gilts, ewes, heifers, and cows that represent Indiana’s finest breeding stock. The winner of this year’s Supreme Champion Dairy Cow title is Dillon Freeman. Dillon’s joy was compounded by his sister, Breanne, being named Reserve Champion before he was declared Supreme Champion. Both Freeman siblings are featured in a HAT video and on social media channels (@hoosieragtoday).

Despite being in competition with his sister, Dillon expressed that their relationship is not marred by rivalry; instead, they collaborate and manage their show cows together. This supportive dynamic is reflected in their happiness for each other’s achievements. For Dillon, the victory holds a poignant touch, as the cow that won him the title was the first animal he bought independently.

As Dillon’s 4-H journey comes to an end, he plans to remain on their farm to oversee their show cows and manage their row crop farm. While he looks forward to the future, he acknowledges the bittersweet feeling of bidding farewell to the State Fair’s Coliseum and the annual tradition of showcasing his animals there.

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