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Holstein UK Reports Max Score 1st Lactation Cows

In March 2022, VG-88 became the highest classification score a first calf heifer could achieve in the Holstein UK Herdbook. 15 heifers achieved that max score of VG-88 in the year between March 2022 and March 2023:

Adventure Unstopabull Sara (Unstopabull x Sterndale Captain Sara EX-90)
Ardmore Crusha Jill (Crushabull x Ardmore Brady Jill EX-92)
Clwch Crushabull Rhapsody (Crushabull x Clwch Atwood Rhapsody GP-82)
Davlea Crushabull Raven (Crushabull x Davlea Ashlar Raven EX-92 3E)
Drointon Grayridge Royal Promis (Crown Royal x Drointon Doc Promise VG-88)
Hilltara Doorman Maude 21 (Doorman x Hilltara Mogul Maude VG-86)
Leedham Rubels Seisme Red 2 (Rubels x Leedham Integral Seisme Red VG-87)
Logan Rubels Seisme (Rubels x Logan Shania Red VG-88)
Riverdane Unix Ashlyn (Unix x Riverdane Dust Ashlyn EX-94 2E)
Simlahill Unix Ruth 2 (Unix x Ards Flyn Z Ruth EX-94 3E)
Stowey Altitude Glamorous Red (Altitude x Golden-Rose Ladd Glory Red VG-86)
Washfold Cliff Mist 4 (Outlay x Washfold Cliff Mist 2 EX-90)
Willsbro King Doc Pammy 410 (King Doc x Willsbro Lambda Pammy 247 VG-87)
Willsbro King Doc Pammy 433 (King Doc x Willsbro Lambda Pammy 248 EX-92)

Willsbro Rapid Adina 40 (Rapid x Willsbro Verify Adina 10 EX-94 2E)

Congratulations to the breeders and owners of these exceptional young cows!

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