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CDCB Board Welcomes New Member, Elects Officers

Collaboration is at the core of the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding, with producers and several organizations working together to drive dairy cattle improvement. That cooperation is reflected in the Board of Directors that governs the development, direction and continuous improvement of U.S. dairy genetics and CDCB services. The CDCB Board represents four sectors of U.S. dairy with each sector represented by three individuals.

The CDCB Board met April 18-19, 2023, in Louisville, Ky., with emphasis on strategic planning, appointment of Producer Advisory Committee, the CDCB Annual Meeting and Board reorganization.

New to the CDCB Board is Tony Allen, General Manager of AgriTech Analytics, representing Dairy Records Processing Centers. Tony has been active in the western U.S. dairy community for several years, previously as records processor at AgriTech and in sales of dairy feed and supplements. His leadership roles include American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists and steering committee for the Californian Animal Nutrition Conference. Tony lives in Fresno, Calif., with his wife Stephanie and their three sons.

Tony fills the seat previously held by Eddie Ormonde of VAS. We express sincere appreciation to Eddie for his commitment to dairy improvement and service to CDCB.

New officers were elected to two-year terms, serving in these roles through April 2025.

  • Chair: Lindsey Worden, Holstein Association USA
  • Vice Chair: Dan Sheldon, Woody Hill Farm
  • Treasurer: Jay Weiker, National Association of Animal Breeders
  • Secretary: Mark Rodgers, MKVT Polled Holsteins
    2023-24 CDCB Board of Directors

    Dairy Records Providers
    • Susan Lee*, Idaho DHIA, Jerome, Idaho
    • Jay Mattison, National DHIA, Verona, Wis.
    • Dan Sheldon, Woody Hill Farms, Salem, NY
    Dairy Records Processing Centers
    • Tony Allen*, AgriTech Analytics, Fresno, Calif.
    • John Clay, Dairy Records Management Systems, Raleigh, NC
    • Mark Rodgers, MKVT Polled Holsteins, Glover, Vt
    National Association of Animal Breeders
    • Paul Hunt*, URUS Group, Madison, Wis.
    • Katie Olson, ABS Global, DeForest, Wis.
    • Jay Weiker, NAAB, Madison, Wis.
    Purebred Dairy Cattle Association
    • Jonathan Lamb*, Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, NY
    • Neal Smith, American Jersey Cattle Association, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
    • Lindsey Worden, Holstein Association USA, Inc., Brattleboro, Vt.
    *Designates election or re-election to a three-year term starting April 2023
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