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Holstein Prefixes to be Released on December 31, 2022

It’s become an annual tradition for Holstein USA – the year-end release of prefixes that have been unused for over 20 years. Allowing the reuse of old, unused prefixes gives new members an opportunity to reserve a prefix that fits them and their farm.

The following are conditions regarding prefixes, as dictated by Board of Directors policy:
• After being reviewed by the board of directors, prefixes that have not been used to name a Registered Holstein in more than 20 years will be available for reuse.
• A prefix may be released for reuse after less than 20 years with the consent or request of the proprietor.
• The board of directors reserves the right to permanently retire a prefix.
• The proprietor may request permanent retirement of their prefix for a $100 fee.

This year, approximately 1,230 prefixes are scheduled to be released. If you’re looking for inspiration, see the entire list here!

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