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Application Deadline Approaching For Jersey Youth Academy Class VIII

The eighth Jersey Youth Academy will be held July 9-14, 2023. The application period for the is open until December 1, 2022.
Jersey Youth Academy provides a unique educational experience that motivates youth of high school and college age to prepare for and succeed in their adult careers in some aspect of the dairy industry, but specifically working with Jersey cattle and/or Jersey products.

The aim of the Academy is to develop the human resources that will be required to sustain and develop Jersey dairy businesses in the United States. This project is envisioned as a cooperative effort among all dairy industry stakeholders. Without exception, these stakeholders need qualified, interested young people for the continuation and success of their businesses.

Applications will be accepted from Jersey youth who are currently juniors and seniors in high school or enrolled in an accredited two-year or four-year vocational school, college or university; and also those under the age of 22 who have completed a high school degree or equivalent and are currently employed in dairy herd management.

More information about the Academy and the application process can be found here!

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