Hellender Juror Jurgolin Passes Away at 17 Years

Hellender Juror Jurgolin Passes Away at 17 Years

With great sadness, Hellender Holsteins of Switzerland has announced that the great show and brood cow Hellender Juror Jurgolin passed away on January 15, 2017.

This is the heartfelt obituary and remembrance of the great cow, published by the Ender family:

Hellender Juror Jurgolin Passes Away at 17 Years
Hellender Juror Jurgolin at the 2011 Swiss Expo

Unexpectedly, and while still in good health, Jurgolin’s heart stopped beating on January 15, 2017. Her most famous daughter, with over 100,000kg lifetime production had just left the showring in Lausanne as a winner for the fourth time when we received the unbelievable painful news. Exactly one year after the great performance of her granddaughter Glinnia as the Reserve Grand Champion and winner of the Best Udder at the Swiss Expo the time came for Jurgolin to make the path clear for the next generation.

During her 17 years, she made herself an absolute legend. Surely her performances in the showring contributed, among them two class titles at the Swiss Expo, but also her ability as a production cow, with 150,000kg of lifetime production. Of course, the standing ovation she received upon her appearance at the Swiss Expo at 15 years of age. Her transmitting ability could be regarded as more impressive. Her son Colin was Nr.1 upon his debut on the Swiss sire list, and the best-selling sire in Switzerland for a year. Her identical daughters Corina and Cortina are classified as EX-94 and Calanda, who was once the Honourable Mention Grand Champion at the Swiss Expo, as EX-95. Currently, two of her daughters have already produced over 100,000kg milk and 8 have been classified as EX in Switzerland. That number could grow yet, as there are still embryos, pregnancies, heifers and young cows form Jurgolin that have a lot of potential. That says nothing of the countless daughters spread over nine different countries in Europe.

The Queen of the Hellender farm lived for 17 years and brought the herd to fame and fortune. During the whole time, she lived in a free-stall barn and ran with the other cows in the herd. When we put her in an individual pen two years ago, she didn’t do very well until we put her back with the rest of the herd, which she led as the boss cow for so many years. Jurgolin could even open the barn door and let herself out now and then for a walk. We let her go, as she knew what she was allowed and not allowed to do. There are so many stories that could be told of her. For example, that with her personality as a young cow she was so difficult to lead and how she threw herself, along with her showman, down onto the sawdust in the middle of the ring at the Junior Bulle Expo in 2004.

With all your character traits and peculiarities, you, Jurgolin, found a place in our hearts over the years and became part of the family. You made Hellender Holsteins into that which it is today. The whole you leave behind in enormous. Your chapter is now over,  but the book is long from finished. Your offspring will write many exciting, wonderful, and unforgettable chapters. To thank is your hereditary strength.

Read more about Jurgolin, and Hellender Holsteins in an article appearing in Cowsmo in 2015.

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