Hellender Holsteins: Transmitting Longevity

Hellender Holsteins: Transmitting Longevity

Enjoy revisiting this article, which originally appeared in the Spring 2015 Cowsmopolitan, about Switzerland’s Hellender Holsteins.

Hellender Holsteins: Transmitting LongevityIt is not often a breeder can say they have bred a bloodline of major significance.  A bloodline that combines production, longevity and conformation and transmits those qualities repeatedly to its offspring. It is definitely the “cherry on the sundae” to have a cow that is not only a show winner but has daughters that can also compete at International level shows like the prestigious Swiss Expo.

Hellender6This Ender family of Switzerland has continued to show year after year in Lausanne during the Swiss Expo that they are indeed the breeders and owners of such a cow.  In the over 80,000 kg milk production class, five cows stood in the ring, three bearing the Hellender prefix.  Class winner, Hellender Champion Calanda EX-95 4E, owned by Rey Holstein & Philippe Deru was followed by her full sister Hellender Champion Corina EX-94 5E in third and their famous dam, Hellender Juror Jurgolin EX-92 6E 19* in fourth, that captured standing ovations from the whole crowd.


Now 15 years old Jurgolin is without a doubt the pride of Anton, Thomas and Andreas Ender.  Highly regarded for her show accolades over the past seven years, Jurgolin has claimed top spot in the milk production class three times at the Swiss Expo.  Her incredible ability to transmit her width and capacity of frame along with type and production to her daughters makes her the highest star brood cow and the only cow in Switzerland with 3 daughters scored EX-94/EX-95 to date. Thomas comments, “We are most proud of the fact that Jurgolin is extremely respected for her breeding power around the globe. Especially in times of genomics, a lot of breeders love to see old cows that have been proven their transmitting abilities through their progeny as well on the female as on the male side.   I don’t need genomic numbers to suggest their productive life!   We have been very touched by all the comments and congratulations we received from breeders all over the world for her performance. This makes us very proud to have this living legend in our herd.’’

More than just a type transmitting family they also are outstanding in production. Jurgolin already has lifetime production over 135,000 kg of milk, with 4.7% of fat and 3.6% of protein.  The three full sisters by Champion combined have a lifetime production over 237,000 kg with an average of 4.2% for fat and 3.6% for the protein.   Over 165 embryos have been produced by Jurgolin with more excellent progeny on its way! “I know, the expression is a bit too heavily used, but when it comes to Jurgolin’s impact on our herd it is the “balanced breeding“ that she transmits and adds the most value to our herd. Her progeny are all late maturing, strong individuals, that really grow into themselves until their fifth calf.  At their peak milk production they will have those dairy silky frames. This is what makes them last for many lactations and this is also the reason, why we are convinced, that they can fit in every system. This family are cows that take care of themselves. Of course the show conformation that she is able to breed makes the whole family much more interesting and marketable, said Thomas.’’

Hellender Goldwyn Griffen 2015
Hellender Goldwyn Griffen

Transmitting the type of her 2X National show Champion grand dam, Golinda EX-92, Jurgolin not only continues to provide the Enders with a strong show team but also several other daughters and granddaughters that are well on their way to leaving their mark.  Hellender Champion Cortina EX-94 3E owned by Scentic’Way Genetics was the Honorable Mention Grand Champion Arc Jurassien Expo in 2014.  The Enders admit they are never scared to sell a good animal if the right opportunity presents itself.

Hellender Goldwyn Glinnia
Hellender Goldwyn Glinnia

“Selling Jurgolin’s dam just prior to her second lactation along with the sale of other members of the family has proven the family can transmit not only for us but for other people,” said Thomas.  Other members of the family the Hellenders are working with are daughters, Hellender Goldwyn Griffen VG-88 3yr, 3rd Senior 3 Year Old Swiss Expo 2015 and Hellender Champion Galaxy EX-91.  Granddaughters, Hellender Knowledge Garonne VG-87 3yr, Reserve Grand Champion Expo Brunegg 2014, Hellender Goldwyn Gillie VG-86 3yr, 8th 4 Year Old Swiss Expo 2015 and Hellender Goldwyn Glinnia VG-86 3yr also continue to mature nicely.   The Ender family admits their breeding philosophy is not based around making show cows but if the opportunity presents itself then they are happy to take it.

As the Jurgolin family continues to fill the milk tank at Hellender Holsteins they are sure to continue to impress the world with their longevity and transmitting ability in the show ring.

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