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Let Cowsmo.com Take Your Marketing to New Levels!

Share your NEWS with the world, with a Breeder Link on the Cowsmo site, with updates appearing on Cowsmo’s homepage for $250/year, which includes:

·  list your website or Facebook page for $250, or link both for $400!
·  listing on Cowsmo Breeder link page, update link on home page at any time, notifying of updates to site (notice of update provided to Cowsmo by breeder)

· press releases posted at no charge at any time on Cowsmo with link to breeder website (press release must be provided by breeder)

·  website listed in Cowsmopolitan magazine 5X per year (each issue).

· Twitter and facebook updates on Cowsmo notifying followers when breeder website has been updated

Looking for banner ads, email blasts, sale catalog links or website hosting and designs see more online advertising options here

*For customers who host and maintain their own websites.  This is also included in all websites built and hosted with Cowsmo.

For more details or to get your website linked today contact:
Claire Swale – [email protected]
Lexi Wright – [email protected]
Frank Putman – [email protected]
Josiane Chabot – [email protected]

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