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Ferme Pierre Boulet Wins Expo Printemps Triple Crown

With all the excitement of the recent running of the Kentucky Derby and the quest for the next winner of the Triple Crown, it seems fitting to mention another Triple Crown win of sorts – that of Ferme Pierre Boulet who won Grand Champion in three of the four breeds exhibited at this year’s Expo Printemps.

Lolyalyn Goldwyn June EX-97 5E

Loyalyn Goldwyn June EX-97 5E took Champion honours in the Holstein ring and was later named the Supreme Champion of the Show. Greenlea A Care-Red EX-94 was Champion in the R&W ring, while Genesis Excitation Hannah EX-95 rose to the top of the Jersey competition. We had a chance to chat with Pierre Boulet, owner of these fine cows, to find out a little bit more about what makes them special.

When and where did you purchase June, Care and Hannah?
June was purchased in Guelph, ON, at Mt. Elgin Dairy Farm when she was a 4 year old. Ironically, this was the same place that I purchased Thrulane James Rose EX-97 2E 5* (3X Royal Grand Champion), as well!

Care was purchased when she was a milking yearling at Madison in 2015. I bought her with MilkSource Genetics and she went on to be 3rd in the Milking Yearling class. I bought out the partnership when she was sold through the MilkSource Sale in 2017.

Greenlea A Care-Red EX-94

Hannah was purchased at Bridon Farms with the partners, C. Desrosiers & J & C Sicard, right away. She was purchased in May or June and was shown in October as a Senior 3 Year Old.

What other shows are you planning on taking them to?

I hope to take all three to the Supreme Show in St. Hyacinthe in August. After that you never know what will happen! Care was fresh last August (2017) so we’ll see if she makes it to Madison. Hannah was fresh last October, so hopefully she can go to Madison and the Royal, but we’ll have to see how she looks. June is the freshest and she gets better every day, so she will definitely go out in the fall.

What are their personalities like at home and at the shows?

Genesis Excitation Hannah EX-95

All 3 of them are very easy going. June and Care live at my place and Hannah lives at Sicy (J&C Sicard). June can be quite a character, if you go too fast with the fork at a show she’ll kick you! She gets better all the time – she’s like a good fine wine, just gets better with age!

When were each of them last fresh? Will you do some flushing this year (bred, IVF, flushing, etc)?

June was fresh February 6th, we will flush her twice and then breed her back. I don’t like to flush a cow too often because I find that then then sometimes go cystic and its harder to get them back in calf. When she’s safely in calf we’ll do some IVF work with her.

Care was flushed twice and is now bred back to Diamondback and Hannah is bred back to Premier and we’ll do some IVF work with her.

What offspring or pregnancies do you have out of June, Care and Hannah?


Reserve Supreme Champion – Genesis Excitation Hannah EX-95, Supreme Champion Loyalyn Goldwyn June EX-97 5E

June has 2 daughters by Damion that are VG-88 and VG-89, and then 2 more daughters that are milking, a VG-86 Windbrook at Loyalyn, and a VG Damion at Ferme Leothe. She has daughters by Cinderdoor and Absolute and her natural calf this year is by Aladdin, which is a Windbrook out of Ms Goldwyn Alana EX-96 2E 2*. We have pregnancies and embryo’s by Absolute as well. Care had an Awesome daughter that sold in the Sale of Stars last fall and she was flushed twice to Goldwyn and Devour. Hannah has a daughter by Incentive and pregnancies by Tequila.

What do you think makes June, Care and Hannah so special in the ring?

All 3 of them have tremendous udders! Really good attachments both fore and rear. They also all have great feet & legs and lots of style.

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