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American Guernsey Association Institutes Special Registration Rates Immediately

The board of directors for the American Guernsey Association has implemented special registration rates beginning immediately and running through September 1, 2018.

“We realize everyone is struggling with milk check challenges right now, and because the demand for Guernseys continues to increase, the board believes it is in their member’s and Guernsey enthusiasts best interest to help by restructuring fees now through September 1, 2018,” said Doug Granitz, CEO and Executive Secretary of the American Guernsey Association.

Starting immediately, all Total Performance Evaluation (TPE) members registrations, regardless of animal age, will be $15. Non-TPE but AGA members will be $20 across the board and non-AGA members can join the AGA for a $25 fee and get the non-TPE member rate of $20 to register their Guernseys, any age from now through September 1, 2018.

Also instituted were transfer fee changes. Transfers dated under 60 days will be $10 while over 60 days are $15.

These fees are effective immediately and will run through September 1, 2018. All Guernsey owners are encouraged to get their registrations and transfers caught up to date over the next several months to capitalize on these special rates.

For more information contact the office at 614.864.2409 or visit the website at

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