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Excellent Results at Pappys Farms Latest Classification Round

Pappys Atwood Felma EX-94 3E

An outstanding Classification day for Pappys Farms! Highlights included 6 1st time Excellents and 9 Very Good 2-Year-Olds!

Classification Highlights

  • Pappys Atwood Felma now EX-94 3E
    7x National show Winner
  • Pappys Ben Riffle EX 92 5y
    1st 5-Year-Old & Reserve Senior Champion Utah State Fair ’22
  • Pappys Doorman Rose EX-92
    Reserve Junior All American Senior 2-Year-Old ’18
  • Pappys Chelios Rapunzel EX-92
  • Pappys Ben Remi EX-91 4yr
    All Utah Senior 2-Year-Old ’20
  • Pappys Apple Crisp Raquel EX-90 Junior 3-Year-Old
    **Riffle, Rose, Rapunzel, Remi and Raquel are all from the Raven family
  • Tappenvale Sidekick Rhonda EX-91 Senior 3-Year-Old
    Purchased in the T&L Sale
  • Pappys Control Berkley VG-86 1-11 Milking Yearling
  • Pappys Denver Nadya VG-85 2-0 Milking Yearling
  • Pappys Doorman Natasha VG-86 Junior 2-Year-Old
    Nominated All American Spring Calf ’20


Sept 14: An incredible list of achievements from Pappys after attending the Utah State Fair!


  • Premier Breeder
  • 1st Senior Best Three Females
  • Pappys Atwood Felma EX-94
    1st Production cow & Grand Performer
  • Pappys Ben Riffle EX-91
    1st 5yr old & Reserve Senior Champion
  • Pappys Cinderdoor Violet VG-88
    2nd 4-Year-Old & HM Senior Champion
  • Pappys Conclusion Rila
    Grand Champion Jrnior Show for Kyson Jenson
  • Pappys Light My Fire Ashlyn
    4th Summer Yearling for Eneli Jenson
  • Pappys Doc Candy
    1st Spring Calf & Reserve Junior Champion
  • Triple Peaks Riva Coin EX-92
    HM Senior Champion Jersey & Grand Performer
  • Pappys Premier Bandit
    2nd Spring Calf Jersey
  • Pappys Goal Bandit EX-95
    1st Produce of Dam Jersey

July 20: The success continues at Pappys Farms with their recent All-Utah results!

Triple Peaks Riva Coin EX 92
Triple Peaks Riva Coin EX-92

Full Results
Triple Peaks Riva Coin EX-92
1st 5-year-old, All-Utah Jersey Show Senior & Grand Champion & Grand Performer

Pappys Premier Banjo
1st Spring Calf & Junior Champion All-Utah Jersey Show

Pappys Plus Meaningful
1st Senior 2-year-old & HM Intermediate Champion

Kash In Vip Lizzie
1st Spring Yearling

Pappys Premier Bridget (Wadeland)
2nd Winter Calf

PappysAttention Junior All Utah Show Exhibitors! Pappys Farms is happy to announce that the pictured calf will be awarded to the overall Grand Champion in the Showmanship competition! She is sired by OCD Helix Alphabet and her Dam is EX-90 All Utah Senior 2-year-old ’20; 2nd Dam VG-88 with the next 6 dams classifying Excellent going directly to the great ‘Raven.’ Exhibitors from all states are welcome July 14-16 At the Weber County fairgrounds in Ogden, Utah!

Pappys Farms made huge waves at the recent Western Spring National Show in Utah!

Highlights include:

  • 1st Production cow – Pappys Atwood Felma EX-94
  • 2nd Production cow & overall Grand Performer of the show – Pappys Guthrie Bev EX-94
  • Premier Breeder All Utah Show
  • Runner up Premier Breeder Western Spring National (Overall)
  • Premier Exhibitor Western Spring National Heifer Show

April 18, 2022: ‘Pappys Online Show Heifer Sale’ kicks off TODAY which will be hosted by CattleClub, ending at 6:00pm MST. You can expect the best show heifer prospects from the Pappys show string! The sale will offer 8 Holsteins and 2 Jerseys heifers.

Visit the CattleClub website to get in on the bidding action and to get more information on the consignments!

Contact sales staff for more information about the Holstein & Jersey offerings!
Ted Papageorge … 801-389-6967
James Manni … 385-405-8021
Matt Leak … 435-757-6726
Justin Jenson … 435-881-6443
Trent Wade … 801-690-2090
Richard Denier … 831-238-0102


The classifier made their rounds at Pappys Farms and it was an eventful day for them! Highlight results were 5 first time Excellent cows! Visit their Facebook page for more exciting highlights to come!


8th generation Excellent, Pappys Doorman Texas Now EX-93Classification Highlights

Pappys Doorman Texas Now EX-93

  • 8th Generation EX
  • Reserve Grand All Utah Show ’20
  • 1st Western National Futurity ’20

St Jacobs Destry Alana Now Ex 92

  • Daughter of the Great Tri-Day Ashlyn Ex-96
Visit their Breeder Tour Page for recent updates

Past Updates

Pappys Farms is pleased to announce that they are selling 34 head of Elite 1st and 2nd calf cows at the Turlock Livestock Auction Video Sale which will be held on March 4th, 2022. Daughters of Ex-95 cows will sell. Cows that trace to some of the greatest Cow families in the breed the Ravens, Blackroses, Ashlyns. There are cows selling backed by 6 Generations of Ex Dams. The group is averaging 81 pounds of milk per day!

January 11, 2022: Pappys Farms is pleased to announce the ‘Pappys Online Show Heifer Sale’ which will be hosted by CattleClub on April 18, 2022. You can expect the best show heifer prospects from the Pappys show string! The sale will offer 8 Holsteins and 2 Jerseys heifers. Stay tuned for more details!

  • It’s another milestone for Pappys Atwood Felma EX-94! She has reached 200,000lbs of milk before her 6th lactation. ‘Felma’ is fresh with her 6th calf and is milking 140lbs/day.
  • Other highlights from Felma’s stellar career to date:
  • 4th in the 5+ lactation Utah on-farm contest held this week
  • 7x National Show Winner, Grand Performer, Western Spring National ’17, ’19, ’20 & ’21
  • All Utah Aged Cow ’21
  • Breeders Grand Champion Western Spring National ’17
  • HM Grand Champion Western Spring National ’17 & ’19
  • HM Senior Champion Western Spring National ’20
  • 9th Aged Cow in the Bullvines All North American Contest ’19
  • 6th Aged cow in Holstein USA All National Contest ’19
  • July 9, 2021: Even with the heatwave Pappys is experiencing, the girls in the barn still looked their best and ended their classification day with top-notch results!
  • Pappys Doorman Texas EX-92

    Classification Highlights

  • Pappys Doorman Texas EX-92
    1st Western National Futurity 2020
  • Pappys Ben Riffle EX-91 EX MS
  • Pappys Ben Bernadette EX-90 EX MS
  • Pappys Ben Remi EX-90 EX MS
  • Pappys Ben Beth Vg 88 Ex Ms
    Ben is a homebred Hero Grandson out of Pappys Guthrie Bev EX-94 3E 
  • Pappys Crush Jen EX-90
  • Tappenvale Sidekick Rhonda VG-87 2y
    Purchased in the T&L sale last March
  • Pappys Unix Rogue VG-87 2y


May 18, 2021: Pappys Farm had some fantastic results yet again at the 2021 Western National Spring Holstein Show in Richmond, UT!

  • Premier Breeder Heifer show
  • Runner up Premier Breeder Overall
  • Pappys Atwood Felma Ex 94; All Utah Aged cow 3rd Aged Cow & Grand Performer Western spring National
  • Pappys Advent Cherry Ex 93; Reserve All Utah Production cow & 5th Production cow WSN.
  • Pappys Segger Rosie; All Utah Summer Jr 2 yr old & 2nd WSN
  • 1st Jr Best Three Females; All Utah & Western Spring National
  • Pappys Avalanche Rowdy; All Utah Fall Yrlg 4th WSN
  • Pappys Denver Maggie;  All Utah Winter Yrlg & 3rd WSN for Utah State University
  • Pappys Avalanche Riddle; 1st fall calf WSN for R- Jon Holsteins
  • Pappys D Back Playful; All Utah & 1st Un Fresh Summer Jr 2 yr WSN for Lewtah Holsteins
  • Pappys Undenied; Reserve All Utah & 2nd Un Fresh Summer Jr 2 WSN for Seth Atkinson

January 25, 2021: Pappys has consigned to the 2021 Gil-Tex Stampede! Their exciting sale consignment highlights are:
Lot 14  Avalanche x Rosa 6 Ex dams from the Ravens extra special Fall calf
Lot 48 Cinderdoor x Windbrook from the Ravens 7 Ex Dams Fall Calf
– The Ravens produce results in the barn and on the Colored shavings!!!
Lot 50 Diamondback x Paiges Dam Ex 93, 2nd Dam Paige Ex 96
– A combination of the two most  prolific Breeding family’s in the World  Apple And Paige
Lot 77 Sidekick x Ex 92 Buxton –  A Summer yearling that will make some noise!

  • December 8, 2020: It was an outstanding round at Pappys recent classification with 6 first time New Excellent cows and 9 new Very Good 2-year-olds!
  • Classification Highlights
  • Pappys Doorman Texas Ex 91 3y
    • 1st Western National Futurity 2020
    • Reserve Grand Champion All Utah Show 2020
    • 8th Generation Ex traces to Nor Lin Darla Vodka Ex 95
    Manni O Kalibar Reba Ex 90
    • 8th Generation Ex  from the Ravens
    • Owned by Herdsman James Manni
    5 daughters of Pappys Hammer Ben Average 87.4 
    • Bens sire is from the Rudolph Zip family and his dam is Pappys Guthrie Bev Ex 94 – 2nd Production Cow Western Fall National 2019
    • Watch for the Ben Daughters at the Spring 2021 shows.

    Mature cow raised

    Pappys Goldwyn Reese Now Ex 92
    • Reserve All Utah 5 yr old 2020
    • Full sister to the All American & All Canadian Rave

    September 8, 2020: It was an incredible day for Pappys Farms at the recent Western National Holstein Show in Richmond, UT. Bringing home banners for Premier Exhibitor & Breeder for both the Junior & Open show, is just a couple of achievements of the day! They have updated their Facebook page with pictures highlighting their success!

  • June 22, 2020: The Junior All-Utah Dairy Show will take place on July 21 & 22nd at the Weber County Fairgrounds in Ogden, Utah. At the conclusion of the showmanship classes on July 21st, Pappys Farms has graciously donated a 3-14-2020 spring calf that is eligible to show for its new owner the next day! She is sired by a Crush son, and her dam is a Solomon Junior 2-year-old from the Durham Ravens!
  • 1st in Breeders Herd of Five Females went to Pappys Farms
  • May 12, 2020:Receiving good news these days is always appreciated and at Pappys Farms recent classification round, they received some great, share-worthy results!
  • Classification Highlights
  • Pappys Emphasis Velvet EX-94 –  1st Production cow HM Sr Champion Western National Spring show 2019. 1st Production cow Western Fall National 2019. She traces back to Violet EX-97.
  • Pappys Advent Cherry EX-93 – Dam EX-90 by Integrity.
  • Pappys Atwood Barb EX-92 MAX score – 1st Jr 3-year-old Western National Fall show 2019
  • Pappys Atwood Bella EX-91- 1st Jr 3-year-old All Utah Show 2018
  • Barb & Bella’s dam is Dundee Bessie EX-94 and 2nd Dam EX-93
    Pappys Ben Remi VG 88 2yr – a really special Senior 2-year-old for 2020, Dam is VG-88 with next 6 dams EX from the Ravens.
  • Maiz-N-Blu Db  Lilly VG 86 2yr – Senior 2-year-old for 2020, Dam is EX-92,  2nd Dam EX-92 and 3rd Dam Talent Licorice EX-95 traces to the great Lydia.
  • Pappys Doorman Pepsi VG 86 2yr – A just fresh, extra special Junior 2-year-old for 2020 she is backed by 4 VG Dams.
  • Other Highlights
  • 3 new EX Cows
    6 Cows scored VG 88
    9 1st Lact VG cows
  • April 13, 2020: With the shortened show season, Pappy Farms has some show worthy animals available to purchase! Visit their Facebook page to see some of these incredible offerings!
  • February 28, 2020: Pappy Farms is happy to announce that they were the recent recipients of the Overall Top Quality Award at the Annual Gossner Foods producers banquet!
  • February 20, 2020: Pappys News! With the latest Rocky Mountain DHIA 2019 Annual Report being released, they are happy to announce that they are currently the lowest Somatic Cell Count herd In Rocky Mountain DHIA!
  • February 20, 2020: Pappys Farms has consigned to the Air-Osa Showcase Sale taking place on February 10, 2020! Visit their Facebook page for more information on their consigned Lot’s 29 & 38!
  • January 20, 2020: Pappys Farms has consigned to the California Convention Sale taking place on January 24th. 2020! Visit their Facebook page for more information on their consigned Lot 40!
  • December 23, 2019: Taking the top honour in Pappys Farms list of 2019 accomplishments is being presented with the Progressive Breeder Registry Herd award for their 50th consecutive year! There are currently only two herds in the country that have received this award for a longer time frame. Congratulations Pappys on this amazing accomplishment!
  • November 26, 2019: Pappys Farm had a fantastic year and they have been updating their Facebook page with some of their accomplished highlights of 2019!
  • October 17, 2019: It was a day to remember at Pappys Farms after a classification that they consider their “best day scoring ever!” Highlight included 10 new first time Ex Cows!
  • Individual Highlights
  • Pappys Atwood Felma Ex 94
    – 1st Aged Cow Reserve Senior & HM Grand Champion Western National Spring show
    – 1st Aged Cow Western Fall National 2019
    Pappys Emphasis Velvet Ex 93
    – 1st Production Cow & HM Senior Champion, Western National Spring Show
    – 1st Production Cow Western Fall National 2019
    T-Triple-T Plumeria Ex 93 2E
    – Goldwyn X Dundee Paige Ex 96
    Pappys Gold Chip Berna Ex 92
    – 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Utah State Fair 2018
    Pappys Buxton Ida Ex 92
    Chugg Carter Debonair Ex 91
    – Intermediate & HM Grand Champion All Utah Show
    -2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, Western Spring National 2019
    Pappys Doorman Rose Ex 91
    – Reserve Jr All American Sr 2yr old 2018
    Pappys Atwood Barb Ex 91
    – 1st Jr 3 yr old Western Fall National 2019.  Barb had two full sisters go Ex also.
    – Dam Pappys Dundee Bessie Ex 94
  • September 3, 2019: Pappys Farms had great results at the Western National Fall Holstein Show, which took place over the weekend. Highlights included taking home the Premier Breeder & Exhibitor banners. They have updated their Facebook with highlight photos and results!
  • August 28, 2019: Pappys Farms show string line has arrived in Salem, Oregon. Watch for their show highlights at the Western National Fall Holstein Show!
  • June 18, 2019: Lot’s of action on Pappys Farm Facebook page! They recently shared photos of the transformation from their free-stall facilities which were converted to open housing. They also recently celebrated Pappys Dundee Bessie Ex 94 14th birthday. This impressive cows top milk record was 40,000 lbs of milk!
  • May 20, 2019: Pappys Farms had a very successful day at the 2019 Western Spring National Holstein Show in Richmond, Utah!
  • 1st Best Three Females (L-R), Velvet-HM Senior Champion, Barb-2nd Junior 3-Year-Old, Felma- Reserve Senior Champion, HM Grand Champion & Grand Performer.
  • Highlights
  • Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
  • Premier Breeder Heifer Show
  • 1st Best Three Females
  • Velvet -HM Senior Champion
  • Barb- 2nd Junior 3-Year-Old
  • Felma- Reserve Senior Champion, HM Grand Champion & Grand Performer
  • May 6, 2019: Pappys Farms joins Cowsmo’s Breeder Tour! 20 head from Pappys Farms sell in the 2019 Western Spring National Heritage Sale on May 15th in Richmond, UT! Click here to view the online catalog!
  • Located in Ogden, UT, Pappys Farms has been owned and operated by the Papageorge family since 1926. The milking herd consists of 120 Registered Holsteins and about 20 Registered Jerseys. The Papageorges have always bred for high-type cattle that can succeed in the show ring and achieve profitable production levels at home in the herd. ‘A cow that’s made right will be a milk cow.’
  • Numerous All-American and All-Canadian nominated individuals and breeder groups have carried the Pappys prefix over the decades – most notably recently with Pappys Goldwyn Rave EX-91-CAN 1*, who was the All-American and All-Canadian Winter Yearling and Junior Champion of the International Holstein Show in 2011. She was also the Reserve All-American and HM All-Canadian Senior 2-Year-Old in 2012. She is out of Markwell Durham Raven EX-93 3E from the famous Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95 3E cow family. Several other Pappys-bred members of this family have been nominated All-American in recent years.
  • Other broodcow families at Pappys Farms include:
  • • Pappys Dundee Bessie EX-94 4E ~ 2x Member Nominated All-American Best Three Females
    • T-Triple-T Plumeria EX-92 95-MS ~ Goldwyn x T-Triple-T Dundee Paige EX-963E
    • Rosedale Relieved EX-92 2E ~ *RC Advent from Blackrose/Redrose family
    • Pappys Goal Bandit EX-95% ~ Nominated ABA All-American Production Cow 2016
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