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Pappys Farms


Location: Ogden, UT

Phone: 801-389-6967

Located in Ogden, UT, Pappys Farms has been owned and operated by the Papageorge family since 1926. The milking herd consists of 120 Registered Holsteins and about 20 Registered Jerseys. The Papageorges have always bred for high-type cattle that can succeed in the show ring and achieve profitable production levels at home in the herd. ‘A cow that’s made right will be a milk cow.’

Numerous All-American and All-Canadian nominated individuals and breeder groups have carried the Pappys prefix over the decades – most notably recently with Pappys Goldwyn Rave EX-91-CAN 1*, who was the All-American and All-Canadian Winter Yearling and Junior Champion of the International Holstein Show in 2011. She was also the Reserve All-American and HM All-Canadian Senior 2-Year-Old in 2012. She is out of Markwell Durham Raven EX-93 3E from the famous Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95 3E cow family. Several other Pappys-bred members of this family have been nominated All-American in recent years.

Other broodcow families at Pappys Farms include:

• Pappys Dundee Bessie EX-94 4E ~ 2x Member Nominated All-American Best Three Females
• T-Triple-T Plumeria EX-92 95-MS ~ Goldwyn x T-Triple-T Dundee Paige EX-963E
• Rosedale Relieved EX-92 2E ~ *RC Advent from Blackrose/Redrose family
• Pappys Goal Bandit EX-95% ~ Nominated ABA All-American Production Cow 2016

Latest Updates

An outstanding Classification day for Pappys Farms! Highlights included 6 1st time Excellents and 9 Very Good 2-Year-Olds!

Pappys Atwood Felma EX-94 3E 

Classification Highlights

  • Pappys Atwood Felma now EX-94 3E
    7x National show Winner
  • Pappys Ben Riffle EX 92 5y
    1st 5-Year-Old & Reserve Senior Champion Utah State Fair ’22
  • Pappys Doorman Rose EX-92
    Reserve Junior All American Senior 2-Year-Old ’18
  • Pappys Chelios Rapunzel EX-92
  • Pappys Ben Remi EX-91 4yr
    All Utah Senior 2-Year-Old ’20
  • Pappys Apple Crisp Raquel EX-90 Junior 3-Year-Old
    **Riffle, Rose, Rapunzel, Remi and Raquel are all from the Raven family
  • Tappenvale Sidekick Rhonda EX-91 Senior 3-Year-Old
    Purchased in the T&L Sale
  • Pappys Control Berkley VG-86 1-11 Milking Yearling
  • Pappys Denver Nadya VG-85 2-0 Milking Yearling
  • Pappys Doorman Natasha VG-86 Junior 2-Year-Old
    Nominated All American Spring Calf ’20
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