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Eight 4-H Members Win Trip to 2019 World Dairy Expo with Support of Armstrong Cheese

4-H Canada is marking World Milk Day with today’s announcement of the winners of the 4-H Canada World Dairy Expo Competition, presented in partnership with Armstrong Cheese. As part of this competition, eight senior 4-H members from dairy clubs across Canada have been chosen to attend the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin from October 1 to 5, 2019.

Photo credit: 4-H Canada

The eight winners are:

  • Cassie Allen, Ontario
  • Iain MacLellan, Nova Scotia
  • Cynthia Campbell, Nova Scotia
  • Emily McKenna Ayles, Prince Edward Island
  • Jennika Fuller, Nova Scotia
  • Ally Spielmacher, Ontario
  • Derrick  Knill, Ontario
  • Sarah Wilson, Nova Scotia

To qualify, these 4-H’ers expressed their views on the importance of youth leaders and youth involvement in the dairy industry through a 500-word essay. Thanks to their skills, point of view and determination, they were selected to represent the 4-H community in Canada at the largest dairy cow event in North America, including a tour of key local agricultural attractions.

These young dairy leaders will have the unique opportunity to engage and network with industry leaders, mentors and employers who share the same passion for the dairy industry, further their knowledge and broaden their perspectives through discussions with experts, as well as express their leadership and enthusiasm for the industry being showcased.

‘‘This competition was designed as a unique learning opportunity for 4-H members as well as a platform for them to explore careers and express their leadership skills at an international conference,’’ said Shannon Benner, 4-H Canada CEO. ‘‘This is a prime example of how we empower 4-H youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders committed to positively impacting their communities across Canada. Congratulations to all the winners!’’

“As part of our strong values, we pledge to continue to promote best practices in the dairy industry by supporting the next generation of dairy leaders through 4-H Canada,” said Tina Galluccio, Marketing Manager for Armstrong Cheese. “We are pleased to provide the 4-H youth with the opportunity to pursue their passion and empower them to contribute to the dairy industry. Congratulations to all the winners!”

To learn more about the 4-H Canada World Dairy Expo Competition, visit their website.

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