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Dr. Cindy Jaton Joins Lactanet Canada as Genetics Industry Ambassador

Lactanet Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Cindy Jaton to its new position of Genetics Industry Ambassador, effective January 15, 2024.

Cindy Jaton was born and raised on her family farm and Master Breeder herd, Ferme Provetaz Inc., located in Compton, Quebec. Cindy received her B.Sc. degree from Université Laval in 2013 and followed this with graduate studies at the University of Guelph where she received her PhD degree in Animal Breeding & Genetics in 2016. More recently, in 2023, she received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Université Laval. Cindy’s successful career path began with an internship at Holstein Québec in 2012, followed by three years in a genetics advisory role at Ciaq and has been a key part of the research and solutions team at Semex since 2016.

In this new position, Cindy will be acting as Lactanet’s ambassador for building and maintaining strong relationships with industry organizations as well as positive engagement in services related to genetics. Internally, she will coordinate the activities of key industry committees, including the Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB), as well as Lactanet’s development of new and improved genetics services. Over time, Cindy will become the expert, voice and key contact with industry partners receiving Lactanet’s genetic evaluation and related services.

Lactanet’s Chief Services Officer, Brian Van Doormaal, commented “We are very pleased to welcome Cindy to our genetics team and happy that she can expand her contributions to the Canadian dairy cattle improvement industry. Her strong knowledge of genetics, leadership skills and bilingualism, combined with her passion and friendly personality, will help to ensure the continued success of quality and highly valued genetic evaluation services offered by Lactanet for years to come.”

About Lactanet Canada

Lactanet Canada is the leading dairy herd improvement organization responsible for milk recording, genetic evaluations, herd management software solutions, knowledge transfer and dairy cattle traceability. As a farmer-run organization serving more than 8,000 Canadian dairy producers, Lactanet provides the dairy industry with products and services to help manage their dairy operation for maximum efficiency and profitability. www.lactanet.ca


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