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December 2012 – Holstein Highlights

A Watershed of Newcomers Floods the Top 5 for LPI!
Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET (Man-O-Man) does not disappoint those awaiting his first
official domestic evaluation hitting the scene as the new #1 sire for LPI (#1 Protein, tied
#3 Fat). This is not the only cause for news breaking excitement this round as two
young sire graduates also penetrate the Top 5 LPI list. The first of these is Freurehaven
Niagara (Bolton x Comestar Lautella Goldwyn) arriving at #3 LPI (#5 Fat), behind De-Su
Gillespy (Bolton x Shottle) at #2 LPI (tied #6 Milk) thanks to an increase of 216 LPI
points. At #4 LPI and the new #1 for Fat this round is the second highest young sire
recruit, namely UFM-DUBS AltaEsquire (O Man x Rich-Ro Mark Sam-ET). These new
star arrivals push the two former breed leaders down the list as Ensenada Taboo
Planet-ET (Taboo x Amel) takes #5 LPI and Gen-I-Beq Brawler (AltaBaxter x Gen-I-Beq
Shottle Barbi) occupies #6 LPI. The remainder of the Top 10 LPI list includes four bulls
from last round’s list, namely OConnors Jay (#7 LPI, Bolton x Durham), Gen-I-Beq
Topside (#8 LPI, Bolton x Storm, maternal brother to Goldwyn), Crackholm Fever (#9
LPI, Goldwyn x Blitz) and O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET (O Man) at #10 LPI. UFM-DUBS
Olegant-ET (Honeycrest Elegant x O Man) bounces back from last round regaining
some of his previous loss, jumping from #29 to #16 LPI. Among high ranking active
sires, three lose more than 300 LPI points, namely Planet (-376 points from #1 to #5
LPI), Genervations Lexicon (-417 points from #32 to #19 LPI), and Lorka Cognac
Red*R&W (-431 points from #64 LPI).

A Powerhouse Group Enter Top LPI Rankings
This round of genetic evaluations is packed with many high ranking bulls receiving their
first official LPI including 25 in the Top 100, 14 in the Top 50 and 9 in the Top 20 for LPI.
In addition to Man-O-Man (#1 LPI), Niagara (#3 LPI) and AltaEsquire (#4 LPI)
mentioned above, six others debut by filling positions between #13 and #20 LPI this
round. Top in this group is Crockett-Acres Otto-ET (O Man x Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly
ET, first proven in the US) arriving at #13 LPI immediately following, with a difference of
only 15 LPI points, his full brother Crockett-Acres Eight-ET at #12 LPI, who is the
highest bull with a second crop proof in Canada. Also first proven in the US and now
receiving his first official domestic LPI is Mainstream Manifold (O Man x BW Marshall) at
#15 LPI. Four promising young sire graduates also enter the Top 20 LPI list, including
Sildahl Jett Air-ET (AltaBaxter x BW Marshall) at #14 LPI, Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood
(Goldwyn x Durham) at #17 LPI, Gen-I-Beq AltaBuzzer (AltaBaxter x Gen-I-Beq Shottle
Barbi, full brother to Brawler) at #19 LPI, and Domicole Chelios (AltaBaxter x Goldwyn)
at #20 LPI. The dam of G W Atwood, namely MD-Delight Durham Atlee-ET, has proven
her tremendous breeding potential for type with the arrival of four new sons at +16 or
higher for Conformation. These include Mr Atlees SHT Aftershock-ET at #1
Conformation with +18 as well as a team of three full brothers, G W Atwood (#2
Conformation at +17, #17 LPI), Allyndale-I G W Arden (tied #3 Conformation at +16)
and Mr Atlees AltaAmazing-ET (tied #3 Conformation at +16). These join a fourth full
brother already proven, Allyndale-I Atticus, at +15 Conformation and #48 LPI. Other
bulls of interest breaking into the Top 50 LPI list are Wa-Del Hayden-ET (#26 LPI, O
Man x Mtoto, first proven in the US), Browndale Dexter (#30 LPI, AltaBaxter x
Browndale Sabre), Maco Fred (#36 LPI, AltaBaxter x Terrick Reggie), Petherton Rox
Itak (#43 LPI, Goldwyn x Titanic) and Gillette Canyon (#50 LPI, Mr Burns x Gillette Blitz
S Cut).

Man-O-Man and Planet Divide the Top 10 GLPI List!
The Top 10 GLPI list for cows is split between daughters of Man-O-Man and Planet,
with OConnors Planet Lucia retaining her title as Queen of the Breed at #1 GLPI (tied
#1 Protein). The domination of Planet daughters as LPI leaders last round has been
diluted, however, with the arrival of four newly indexed Man-O-Man daughters that enter
the elite group of Top 10 for LPI, thereby joining Stantons Manoman Ezra who takes #3
GLPI from #10 last round. The highest of the new arrivals is Comestar Lautamai Man O
Man at #2 GLPI, who is the oldest Canadian born daughter of Comestar Lautama
Goldwyn (#82 GLPI). Benner Planet Jakova (#6 GLPI) is joined by maternal sisters that
are full sisters themselves, namely Benner Manoman Janesse at #4 GLPI, Benner Man
O Man Jerarda (tied at #9 GLPI), and Benner Man O Man Jarianna (#14 GLPI). The
fourth newly indexed Man-O-Man to enter the Top 10 LPI list is Gillette M O M Look At
Her, who is a daughter of Gillette Bolton 2nd Look (#115 GLPI) tracing back to the
famous Braedale Second Cut. The other members of the elite Top 10 GLPI group are
Calbrett Planet Eve (#5 GLPI, daughter of Wabash-Way Evett-ET at #37 GLPI),
Comestar Lautamire Planet (#7 GLPI, daughter of Comestar Lautamia Bolton), and
Sandy-Valley Planet Melody (tied #9 GLPI, daughter of Hendel Bolton Music 2602-ET).
Another noteworthy cow newly indexed this round is Misty Springs MOM Brenna*RDC
(Man-O-Man x Mr Burns) at #52 GLPI, who becomes the highest red carrier in the
breed this round.

Top 10 LPI Bulls for December 2012
1. Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET • LPI+3461
2. De-Su Gillespy-ET • LPI+2754
3. Freurehaven Niagra • LPI+2665
4. UFM-Dubs Altasquire-ET • LPI+2645
5. Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET • LPI+2625
6. Gen-I-Beq Brawler • LPI+2511
7. OConnors Jay • LPI+2510
8. Gen-I-Beq Topside • LPI+2472
9. Crackholm Fever • LPI+2421
10. O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET • LPI+2392

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Top 10 GLPI Cows for December 2012
1. OConnors Planet Lucia • GLPI+3636
2. Comestar Lautami Man O Man • GLPI+3542
3. Stantons Manoman Ezra • GLPI+3526
4. Benner Manoman Janesse • GLPI+3497
5. Calbrett Planet Eve • GLPI+3406
6. Benner Planet Jakova • GLPI +3398
7. Comestar Lautamire Planet • GLPI +3362
8. Gillette M O M Look At Her • GLPI +3305
9. Sandy-Valley Planet Melody • GLPI +3294
9. Benner Man O Man Jarianna • GPLI +3294

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