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December 2012 – Coloured Breed Highlights

“Rockstar” Becomes New Star in the Ayrshire Breed!
Kamouraska Rockstar hits the LPI stage with huge success! This well-balanced first proven son of Lagace Modem-ET was destined for success given the outstanding genetic potential of his dam, Kamouraska Peterslund Ruby, who increases 199 LPI points this round to regain the #1 LPI status. Even though more change is expected this round due to the official implementation of genomic evaluations for Ayrshire, Orraryd maintains his title as #1 for LPI, Fat and Protein. The rest of the Top 10 LPI leader board shows common names including Peterslund, Kansas, B Jurist, T-Bruno, Percy (#1 Milk), Landscape, Oblique and Bendig ranking #3 to #10 LPI, respectively. In addition to Rockstar, the other Modem son now progeny proven becomes the second highest young sire graduate as Roi Tennison-ET (dam is Roi T-Brunette) takes #22 LPI. Lashburn Karamello-ET (B Jurist x Kildare BBK Kellyann ET) is another interesting newcomer arriving at #30 LPI. The maternal family behind “Rockstar” also impresses among Top LPI cows this round. In addition to his dam Ruby, at #1 LPI, she has four sisters that excel including Kamouraska Peterslund Virvolte (#7 LPI from #15), Kamouraska Peterslund Tunamie (#9 LPI from #34), and Kamouraska Poker Wilhelmina (#16 LPI including genomics). Ruby also has produced high ranking daughters including three full sisters by Jupiter, namely Kamouraska Jupi Uby-ET (#2 LPI including genomics), Kamouraska Jupiter Ureka-ET (#14 LPI) and Kamouraska Jupiter Ursula-ET (#35 LPI). Ramco Orraryd Bess settles back to #3 LPI, fighting off the pressure coming from Kellcrest Sydney (Poker x Kellcrest Lea at #8 LPI) as she skyrockets from #24 to #4 LPI. The rest of the Top 10 LPI includes Brae Lea Olga (#5 LPI), Kildare Orraryd Viviane-ET (#6 LPI), and Nolanda Acres Asia 200 at #10 LPI. The two highest newly indexed cows this round are Shadylane Ollie (Orraryd x Oblique) at #11 LPI and Laroc Rockstar Reine at #12 LPI.
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“Maximus” Makes His Move to Challenge Jersey LPI Leaders
Sunset Canyon Maximus (Lemvig x Haug) realizes gains for production and Conformation translating to an LPI increase of 305 points and a jump from #11 to #2 LPI (#1 Fat), following Impuls who remains the breed leader at #1 LPI and #1 Protein. Other high ranking bulls experience little change with Rocha Iatola Walker-ET, Sunset Canyon Dice-ET, Unique VS Habit, SC Gold Dust Paramount Iatola-ET and Hollylane Lilibet’s Legacy occupying #3 to #7 LPI, respectively. Both Lencrest On Time (#8 LPI) and Sunset Canyon Kyros (#9 LPI) make gains to penetrate the Top 10 LPI list this round, nudging Sunset Canyon Dice-ET into #10 LPI spot. First proven in the United States, Silver Spring Belmont (Centurion x Renaissance) takes #18 LPI with his first official domestic evaluation. The highest young sire graduate this round is Top Gene Picture-ET (Senior x Paramount) at #44 LPI. Once again, the #1 GLPI title is held by Hautpre Legacy Fate but Hautpre Nouvelle Ère Francia ET jumps 199 points to take #2 LPI spot, up from #8 last round. Lencrest Last Dance also creeps upward for LPI to steal #3 GLPI, forcing Reyla Impuls Chardonnay into #4 GLPI position. Maternal sisters to Last Dance, namely Lencrest Gold Belle-ET and Lencrest Belles Beauty-ET remain solid at #5 (tied) and #8 GLPI, respectively. The two highest cows with their first GLPI this round manage to rank among the elite with Kambro Legal Maple 5097 (Legal x Jace) landing at #7 and Stornaway Tbone Tiara (Richies Jace Tbone A364 x Wilderness Blueprint) at #9 GLPI. The Top 10 GLPI list is completed by Gabys Blair Antiqua (tied at #5) and Luchanel Select LB Sable ET (#10 GLPI).
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“Millenium” Sparks Interest in the Brown Swiss Breed
Sunset Triangle Acres PO Payoff ET (Prelude x Collection) and Blessing Prophet Ransom (Profit x Ensign) achieve the unlikely outcome of sharing #1 LPI this round at 1624 points. Also exciting is the arrival of Olson Millenium (Zeus x Brinks) as the highest young sire graduate taking #3 LPI. Although Triangle Acres Poet ET (from the same family at Payoff) stays firm at #4 LPI, the former breed leader, Sun-Made Vigor-ET, loses 480 points to land at #5 LPI. Another bull, Top Acres C Wonderment ET (first proven last round) has the opposite experience making major gains for both production and type for a huge increase of 902 points, catapulting from #43 to #8 LPI this round. Others in the Top 10 LPI list include Wagor (#6), Pronto (#7), Special (#9) and Even at #10 LPI. For cows, Gubelman Pronto Dorissa takes over the helm from her stable mate to grab #1 LPI (#1 Protein), leaving Anfield FB Jane’s Emma ET firm in the #2 LPI spot followed by Gubelman Wurl Precious at #3 LPI. As with her sire, Wonderment, Swiss Dream Wonder Ursula realizes a spectacular LPI gain 523 points and jumps from #56 to #4 LPI (tied #1 Conformation), only 30 points ahead of her dam, Swiss Dream Zeus US Unella who is tied at #5 LPI with Gubelman Payoff Courtney (up from #21 LPI). The two highest newly indexed cows this round are Gubelman Dasher Deva (#16 LPI) and Gubelman Juhus Crystal (#17 LPI).
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 “Bianca” Daughter-Dam Pair Move Up the Ranks in the Guernsey Breed
The list of Top 5 LPI sires remains identical to last round including Lewis, Double L, Jordan, Bingo and Warden in that order. Even among the Top 10 LPI list, only Idle Gold E Challenge enters the group thanks to a gain of 223 LPI points to land at #7 from #14. Penny Lane Royal Oak Turley receives his first official domestic LPI after first being proven in the US and debuts at #36 LPI with below average Conformation. For cows, Glen Haven Lewis Lana stays solid at #1 LPI and holds off the challenging Maplehurst Aarons Bianca who jumps from #7 to #2 LPI, just ahead of her dam Maplehurst Warden Bianca (#3 LPI from #6). Joining other breed leaders, namely Guernsey View Tina’s Winnie (#4 LPI), Eby Manor Lewis Secelia (#5) and Guernsey View Kit’s Ruby (#6), is Lindrian Aaron Penny Two at #7 LPI from #32 last round. Eby Manor Aaron Indigo is the highest newly indexed cow this round with her debut at #32 LPI.
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No Major Shuffling in the Canadienne Breed
The December 2012 genetic evaluation release leaves the waters calm for top bulls and cows in the Canadienne breed. The Top 5 LPI only see Telethon slip a notch from #4 to #5 LPI, behind the breed leaders Expo (#1), Nectar (#2), Simon (#3) and Mister (#4). The list of Top LPI cows is also quiet with only some minor switching and now includes Monbriant Expo Fleurette (#1), Acton Energika Rosie 3R ET (#2), Acton Expo Sara (#3), Amandes Expo Justice (#4) and Acton Epi Nita at #5 LPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Acton Telethon Wilsie ET at #31 LPI, who is one of three daughters of Rosie 3R (#2 LPI) among the Top 40 LPI list.
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Milking Shorthorn Breed Welcomes Two New High Fliers!
While B Jurist stays solid at #1 LPI and GMC Rebel Logic ET loses for both production and type but stays at #2 LPI, two young sire graduates arrive on the scene this round with outstanding results. Oceanbrae Logic’s Plato (Logic x Oceanbrae Pepper 2nd by Prince Edward) receives an official type proof that is good enough to capture #3 LPI. Clarefield Mocha (Glenbrook Ultimate x Venvale Sovereign, Australian pedigree) debuts at #4 LPI, #5 Milk, tied #6 Protein and #1 Conformation at +13. Following his first domestic proof last round, Vinra Frost Ted (Frost x Outlaw) moved up the list to #6 LPI from #8. For cows, Brook Chardonnay ET Exp takes a slip and falls back to #2 LPI, allowing Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel Exp-ET to regain the #1LPI spot. Oceanbrae Jurist Thyme ET stays solid taking #3 LPI, ahead of Lady Grove Mocha Angeline ET at #4 LPI (Mocha x Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel Exp-ET). The Top 5 LPI list is completed with Oceanbrae Jurist Betty leaping from #16 to #5 LPI position. Lady Grove OLP K Betty 7 (daughter of Plato) becomes the highest newly indexed cow this round arriving at #17 LPI.
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