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CRV Bulls Offer Efficient Profit

The April 2013 sire evaluations for CRV presented bulls with a basis for an efficient dairy breeding program. With an excellent lineup of Holstein and Jersey sires that showcase functional type, high combined fat and protein, and increasing milk production; their daughters are sure to be long-living, efficient, and profitable producers.

CRV’s Jersey program continues to develop with several outstanding sires. KINDLE (Zuma x Jas Bungy x Jace) is the #4 genomic bull for LCM$ at +717. He also is +621 NM$, and +7.0 PL. Just released, ROYALTY (Roy x Legal x Lirsk) promises high quality daughters with 240 JPI, +1431 M, and +146 combined Fat and Protein. Also new, RAWLS (Valentino x Matinee) and LEVY (Valentino x Maximum) excel in production with over +1350 M, +135 combined Fat and Protein, and +530 CM$.
Newly released Holstein, DECEMBER (Shamrock x O Man x Teamster), debuts at 2294 GTPI, +830 NM$, 155lbs combined Fat and Protein, and a + 7.3 PL. The combination of these traits makes him a very profitable sire. HAVOC(Hunter x Colby x Potter) has quickly become the star child of CRV bull HUNTER (MOM x Shottle x Goldwyn). Both offer over 100lbs combined Fat and Protein, +680 NM$, and both improve rear udders. RANGER (Latroy x Shottle x Goldwyn) provides functional type with moderate production with +3.01 PTAT, +2.69 UDC, +767 M, and +107 combined Fat and Protein. DARSON (Grafeeti x Baxter x Mtoto) promises excellent udders that milk well with +1265 M, +3.19 FUA, +3.50 RUH, and +3.22 RUW. Three other new releases SAFFORD, KRATER, and CALVIN all have over +100lbs combined Fat and Protein along with functional type scores.

Returning to the lineup is global star CHEVROLET (Freddie x Planet). With scores of 2345lbs Milk, 86lbs Fat, 76lbs Protein, and +915 NM$ crossed with 2484 GTPI, and over +2.00 for PTAT, CHEVROLET can offer breeders improvements in any area.
To learn more about CRV, it’s people, or products in your area, please visit or give us a call at 1-800-400-crv4all.

CRV is a global cattle improvement organization that exists to improve quality of life. CRV’s USA headquarters in Madison, WI was established in September 2009. Because we genuinely care, we pay attention to your farm, industry, and the general society. Our business goes beyond genetics providing service and information on all continents with dairy and beef farmers.


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