Cowsmo Begins New Chapter

Cowsmo Begins a New Chapter

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the sale of Cowsmopolitan Dairy Magazine to Julie Ashton & Kathleen O’Keefe.

Cowsmo was started in 2004 by Carol, Lexi and Ella Wright as an in-print medium for Western Canadian Dairy Producers to promote their genetics and a source for dairy news. Today it is a Global publication with a website that is the source for all dairy news and events.

Starting without any formal knowledge or training in the publication industry, with support from the western breeders and many individuals, we have flourished and developed into the publication you see today. Our website has grown to 2,655,218 page views per year with 155,724 people to our site each year, while our social media channels now have 193,441 followers on Facebook, 6462 on Twitter and 7701 on Instagram. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with us through our website and social media.

A huge thank you to Pam Nunes, our layout, design and initial editorial would not have transformed into what it is today without your support and guidance.  Thank you to all of our staff over the years, both full time and part time. Patti Lively for helping us to sell subscriptions in the beginning at larger events. Danielle Nauman for helping to grow our website traffic in the US Market and Julie Ashton for taking those reins when Danielle moved on. A huge thanks to Melissa Lesy for managing the website day-to-day and having our backs, especially when we are on the road. Jenny and Josiane, our French girls, thank you for connecting with our friends in Quebec. Julie Dunlop for starting us out in the UK and Claire Swale for building our brand there and in Europe and Katie Davidson for continuing that tradition. Frank Putnam, thank you for your passion for sales and putting Cowsmo into the US market and Maria Noble for stepping into sales in the last couple months.  Also thanks to Kate Purring for helping with subscription sales, but also for looking after us at all of the events. Thank you to so many of the people that have stepped in to help us part-time at various shows & events, there are too many to name but know we appreciate you and loved working with you.

Amanda Poelman, for your unique perspective and stories you have given us over the years, as well as Amanda and Linsey Whalen for editing and catching all of the details that may otherwise have gotten missed. Cathy Bewley for your attention to detail on adverts and the fun banter back and forth. Norm Nabholz for your history lessons and unique stories you have shared with us. Thank you to all of the translators, freelancers and designers we have used over the years we owe you a great deal. To our office staff Denise Pickard, we can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and putting up with us for the 11 years.

We hope we accomplished bringing you a fresh new perspective to the dairy industry by bringing you stories about the people, celebrating their triumphs and sometimes their sorrows while providing the most up to date news and memorable images. Growing up on a small Holstein Farm and attending upwards of 10 shows per year all across Western Canada we appreciate how much time and effort goes into getting cows ready and transporting them long distances. We appreciate the camaraderie that comes from spending so much time with your “show family”.

We are grateful to our western supporters, our dream would never have been possible without your support and encouragement. We are also very thankful for the support we have received from our friends and family, especially our Mom and Dad.

We will both continue to help Cowsmo with events and coverage throughout the year. Ella will continue to photograph cows, do ring shots and will design adverts for Cowsmo and build her design business. Lexi’s interest in health and wellness has allowed her to start meal preparation business, Time for Health, and she looks forward to spending more time at home!

Thank-you to our readers and supporters from around the globe. You have helped us to make our publication what is is today, We built Cowsmo but you all fueled our passion to do what we did! We are especially grateful to our Western Canadian Supporters, you stood by us and believed in us from the beginning. Thank-you to all the people that welcomed us to their farms, home and to their events in all parts of the World, we truly enjoyed the time covering stories and events.

We are excited for the new chapter of Cowsmo!  We know Kathleen and Julie will bring a fresh perspective while continuing to produce a quality magazine filled with great stories and quality adverts.  Their connections in the industry will maintain our clients trust and will uphold the strong brand we have built in both web and social media while continuing to provide exceptional event coverage.  We hope you will continue to support them in their new venture as they have a lot to offer this industry. They, like us, are passionate and are invested in the people of this industry.

Thank you and see you all soon.

Lexi and Ella

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