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The countdown has started for the 2019 European championship Holstein

After Colmar in 2016, Belgium is preparing to host the next edition of the European
championship Holstein and Red Holstein on 12 and 13 April 2019 in Libramont.
The European championship is the most prestigious Holstein competition in Europe.

It is organized every three years by one of the members of the European Holstein confederation (EHTC). In 2019, it will be organized by the Walloon Farming Association, the Herd-book Holstein and the Fair of Libramont – LEC.

It’s a culmination of a dream of more than 10 years which never could have been realized without the infrastructure of Libramont. These new infrastructures as well as the Belgian dynamism have convinced the representatives of the European federation. The fairground of Libramont, which is easily accessible, welcomes every year the Holstein Night in March and the agricultural and forestry Fair of Libramont in July.

250 elite animals of around twenty nations will compete against each other in front of 30.000 professional visitors. In parallel with this competition, the international presentation competition for young farmers will also take place as well as an elite auction and visits of Walloon farmers.

The European Holstein confrontation plays a major role in the promotion of Holstein farms in Europe and around the world. It is the opportunity for the participating countries to present the achievements of their work and their know-how under excellent working conditions.

At the end of April 2018 : formalization of the participating countries and the number of cows registered by each, one year before the Holstein Libramont 2019 meeting.

For more information visit the Holstein Libramont 2019 website.


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