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Classification at Stadview

The Jersey classifier swung around to Stadview in Litchfield, MN last week and left some nice new scores for them to report!

Discoverys Joey Joplin – 3rd Lactation – EX-91 (owned by Kolton Bohn)
Kilgus Fizz Brenna – 3rd Lactation – EX-91
Iota Dimension Sadzi- 5th Lactation – EX-92
Stadview Excitation Genesis- 5th Lactation – EX-93
Kilgus Casino Noelle – Junior 2-year-old – VG-89 MAX (owned by Ken Bohn)
Arthuracres Gentry Madelyn – Junior 3-year-old – EX-90 (owned by Myron & Brad Arthur)
Galaxy Joyride Coral – Senior 3-year-0ld – EX-91 MAX (owned by Kyle Knutson and John Sauber)
Empire Apple J Lo – 4-year-old – EX-92 (Owned by Nexgen)
Stadview Hired Gun Jamima – EX-92 (dam of J Lo also owned by Nexgen)
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