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Clanman Jerseys gives back with their new scholarship program

The 4-H motto of “Learn to do by doing,” is something that rings very true to the individuals that take part in the 4-H program. A program that has helped shape many kids into the people they are today, creating lasting memories, friendships and helping install accountability and a hard work ethic. It’s for these reasons that Claman Jerseys wants to return the favour to the program that played such a huge role in their lives.

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Clanman Jerseys is a 60 cow farm from Western Manitoba, Canada. In 2003, along with the Donohoe family at Malarky Holsteins, they created their local 4-H club. Being out of the show business for some time, it was a huge learning curve as they began to navigate their way through creating and running a new club. With the help of many Manitoba farmers who graciously volunteered their time assisting with judging or supplying calves to compete in the showmanship classes, the club was formed and new opportunities began. The first opportunity that came about and really helped set the foundation of love that Clanman has for the dairy business and show aspect, was WCC.

The Western Canadian Classic is a program that brings the four western provinces together to compete in showmanship classes, calf conformation classes, judging and pedigree competitions and stall display. At the end of the week, it is determined which province will walk away with the Premier Province Award. Each year the provinces take turns hosting the event. It is an amazing program that helps further the team members skills and knowledge, but most importantly creating lifelong friendships.

Now to give back to the programs they feel so strongly about, for the first time, Clanman Jerseys will be launching their new 4-H and WCC calf scholarship program. To qualify for the scholarship, a Clanman purchased project calf that places 1st at a 4-H achievement or provincial show will receive a $100 scholarship. If a Clanman purchased calf places 1st at the Western Canadian Classic and was the participant’s 4-H project calf, the participant will receive a $500 scholarship.

“We are hoping by offering this scholarship, it will encourage more kids to join 4-H and WCC and hopefully gain as much from those programs as we did.”

To learn more or to get in contact with Clanman Jerseys contact Sean at 204-868-5608 or visit their Facebook page.

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