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Cedarcut Farm reports exciting classification

Cedarcut Farm, owned by the Curtis family located in Cazenovia, NY, reports on a great classification day! 3X Expo Grand Champion of the International Junior Ayrshire Show Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata has maxed out at EX-94 95-MS! Other highlights include:

Cedarcut Farm
Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata, now EX-94 95-MS

1st Lactation-
Cedarcut Dream Red Baron, VG-85, 86MS
(Dreamer x Hanniabl)
Cedarcut DW Abby Allison, VG-85, 85MS
(Doublwhammy x Poker)
Cedarcut Burd Cayle Charlotte, VG-86, 86MS
(Burdette x Homerun)
Cedarcut Burd Cheyne Canyon, VG-86, 86MS
(Burdette x Poker)

2nd Lactation-
Cedarcut DW Cheyne Casey, VG-87. 88MS
(Doublwhammy x Poker)

3rd Lactation-
Cedarcut Nemo Rcat Red Wine, VG-88, 88MS
(Nemo x Hanniabl)

4th Lactation-
Cedarcut Burdette Eliza Erica, EX-91, 91MS
(Burdette x Jackson)
Cedarcut Burdette Tori Tipsy, VG-88, 88MS
(Burdette x Poker)

5th Lactation-
Cedarcut Burdette Cierra Cassie, EX-91, 92MS
(Burdette x BBBK)
Cedarcut Burdet Cerise Chevelle, EX-94, 95MS 2E
(Burdette x Poker
Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata, EX-94, 95MS
(Burdette x Ambush)

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